dear sunflower, I miss him

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dear sunflower, I miss him


maybe wanna paint you blue, sunflower. after subliminally yearning for that hue for so long, sometimes you look green. I feel sick.

wrapped up wounds still pound when poked, I guess. not so much a slip down from the mountaintop, more a subtle drift. he's still nestled in every word, even as I search for new colors to love. he's still utterly everything.

sitting still and loving long takes away everything. empty wishes. dangerously unfulfilled promises dangled from the clouds, taunting. eyes to the ground scowl at footsie. demented.

and how lovely you are, these are not the first nor last words that will be expended upon you. poor sunflower, thick stem pulled thin. weighted multitudes for daring such a misled head to acknowledge a still ill heart.

you have knowledge of it, but anyone who does zips up tight. seemingly sensitive when I'm just lonely. sunshine still laces the beats of my heart, I'd love to just sleep out in a cloudless day and get sunburn; every single inch.

still ill, sunflower. still worried. still wandering around cloudy fields. still wondering if broken ribs can tell the difference. needed that support for the times my eyes wander up to the sky and start to rain.

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