heart healings

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heart healings


if the bright flashes that threw me catatonic had been more like home, then maybe colors wouldn't hurt so bad. oh, that dark pink bang got me damaged beyond repair. smelled like camellias, always sneezing.

those liar words in the bestseller chart had me chained. the stable and enchanting exist only within the pen, for the universe does not really like love. felt the weight of these pageturners build up in a heart starved of care; the foundation cracked under the pressure.

but that dark pink wind filled a pre-broken heart with angelic song, lifting up drooping corners. believed every word, eyes reeling from the brightness. brought me butterflies aflutter, and polaroid kisses, running out of film.

seemingly symphony, the dark pink words whispered into my ears and filled them up with cotton candy. they got so stuffed that I could not hear anything but the melody of those tinted words. all else seemed futile - an enraptured heart, a captured heart.

I had never expected betrayal tinted dark pink. it was the biggest flash of them all - this one was blinding and deafening. my cotton candy ears could hear not, and my wide eyes could see not. left bereft of the belief that paperclipped the corners; hollow hovel, winded wreck.

ran back to words that told me a truth, only to have bitter heart clenches thrown back in my face. pathfinding was never easy, especially with eyes that could only cry and ears that were waterlogged. found haphazard solace in unreality - the magic of tomorrow may enchant me from my misery today.

slowly pulling out the black wisps in my ears; every song sounds better than that dark pink serenade. starting to see healthier colors. filling a betrayed, broken heart with otherworldly fantasy.

sipping tea. people and places flash by, but I am not blind. another chapter fades away from mind, and now the hue of the sky doesn't leave marks.

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