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 So I'm going to be doing a theme song for each case. This case is the Great Game and since it's the first one that Alex will be in, I've chose Underdog Rocks by Plain White T's. The reason is because at this point Sherlock was kind of an underdog himself. And I also love the Underdog theme! 


Alex woke up the next morning to a gun being fired at the wall. It was very early, in the early hours of the morning, so it had scared her immensely. She screamed when it first happened the first time and then again when it happened a second time. John, being the overprotective big brother he was, ran down stairs of his bedroom as soon as he heard Alex's screams. He relaxed when he saw it was only Sherlock firing the gun. He had fired about 5 times so far and had hit the wall in several places, including the smiley face he had sprayed on the wall. The fact still wasn't enough to make John go back to sleep.

"What the hell are you doing?!" He shouted.

"Bored." Sherlock said simply.

"What?" John said. Alex finally looked up when she heard it was just Sherlock.

"What is wrong with you?!" She asked. "I thought someone had broken in!"

Sherlock ignored her and got up, ready to fire again.

"No!" John said, covering his ears.

"Bored!" Sherlock said, firing. "Bored!" He handed John his gun back. Alex glared at Sherlock, angry with him for waking her up.

"That was one of the best sleeps I've ever had and you destroyed it. Thanks!" She said, fake smiling at him.

"Oh, don't be like that." Sherlock sighed. "I don't know what's gotten into the criminal classes. It's a good job I'm not one of them."

"So you take it out on the wall?" John confirmed.

"Oh, the wall had it coming." Sherlock said, walking over to the couch. He flopped down on it, ignoring the fact that Alex was laying on it.

"SHERLOCK!" John said.

"What?" Sherlock said.

"Let me define baby sitting!" John said.

"Huh? Oh." Sherlock said. He sat up and Alex scrambled off of the couch. "Sorry, Alex."

"That was on purpose!" Alex said.

"Maybe. Don't question my motives." Sherlock said.

"What about that Russian case?" John asked.

"Belarus, open and shut domestic murder, not worth my time." Sherlock said.

"Oh, shame." John said sarcastically, walking into the kitchen. "Anything in? I'm starving!"

"No, don't-" Alex started, but it was too late as John opened the fridge.

"Oh!" John slammed the fridge shut. He braced himself and opened it again. "There's a head. A severed head!"

"Just tea for me, thanks." Sherlock said. "And some battery acid for Alex."

"No, there's a head in the fridge!" Johns said.

"Yes." Sherlock said.

"A bloody head!" John ranted.

"Where else was I supposed to put it?" Sherlock said. "You two don't mind, do you?"

"As long as there's still food in there, then I'm good." Alex said.

"Well..." John said.

"I got it from Bart's morgue. I'm measuring the coagulation of saliva after death." Sherlock said. "I see you've written up the taxi driver case."

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