One Word

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Sherlock and Alex walked into the resturant where John was, their arms linked. Alex was wearing a dark red dress. It was the only one she possessed. Sherlock's coat was taken off of him. Alex didn't know what Sherlock's plan was.

"Sir, can I help you?" A man asked. Sherlock looked him over and saw that his wife was expecting. Sherlock heard him getting a text.

"You're wife just texted you, possibly her contractions have started." Sherlock said.

Sherlock stepped forward as the man left. He saw John and stopped. Alex noticed her brother too. Alex frowned and turned to Sherlock, who she could now call her boyfriend.

"We're not on a date, are we?" She sighed, rolling her eyes.

"Excuse me, sir." A waitress said, walking past Sherlock. He noticed that she had a bow tie.

"Alex, I'm sorry. We can be on a date for a little while if you like." Sherlock said. "But let me grab a bow tie first. Go get a table for us."

"And by 'us' you mean me." Alex said.

Sherlock kissed Alex on the cheek. She giggled and went to find a table. Sherlock noticed a man who had a bow tie and went up to him. He picked up the man's water and pretended that he had accidentally spilled it on him.

"Oh, sir, I am so, so sorry!" Sherlock said. "Please, let me just go to the kitchen and dry that off for you!"

Sherlock took off the man's bow tie and put it on himself. He then saw a man set his glasses down on his bill. Sherlock took the check from him.

"Finished with that sir? Allow me to take it for you." Sherlock said. The man didn't notice as Sherlock took his glasses and put them on. Sherlock then noticed a woman's make-up bag. He decided to put a drawn mustache on.

"Madam, can I suggest that you look at this menu? It's, uh...completely identicle." Sherlock said. He took her make-up pen and drew a French mustache on. Sherlock noticed he was right by John's table. "Can I help you with anything, sir?" He had a French accent now.

"Hi, yeah, I'm looking for a bottle of champagne." John said, not looking at Sherlock. "A good one."

"Hm, well these are all excellent vintages, sir." Sherlock said. Alex was watching on from a table a few feet away.

"Well, it's not really my area. What do you suggest?" John asked.

"Well, you cannot possibly go wrong." Sherlock said. "But, uh, if you like my personal recommendation, this last one on the list is a favorite of mine. It is, you might in fact say, like a face from the past!" Sherlock took off his glasses, hoping John would look up at him."

"Great. I'll have that one, please." John said.

"It is familiar, but with the quality of surprise!" Sherlock said, once again trying to get John to look at him. John handed the menu back to him.

"Well, surprise me." He said.

"I'm certainly endevering to, sir." Sherlock said in his normal voice.

John took out a small, velvet box and looked inside. There was a beautiful ring inside it. A woman with short, blonde hair wearing a lilac dress with black feathers as the pattern walked over to the table. It was Mary, the woman who was like a sister to Alex and had saved John's life.

"Sorry that took so long." She said to John. John smiled at her. "You okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. Me? Fine. I am fine." John said.

"Now, then, what did you want to ask me?" Mary asked.

Sherlock and Alex were sitting across from one another at their table, looking lovingly at one another. Sherlock had her hand in his. They looked almost the same as Mary and John. Sherlock had ordered a bottle of champagne so he could deliver it to John.

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