The Hat

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The theme for this case will be Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan. I heard it while playing Just Dance the other day and almost started screaming. I was like, "THIS IS IRENE'S THEM SONG AND IT'S SUNG BY A GIRL NAMED ALEXANDRA!" And, holy Sherlock in a bedsheet, we're on season two! Woo! *dances around* Join me, Sherlock! You love dancing!

Sherlock: Fine... *twirls around*


It had been a few months since the Moriarty incident. Life was going on as normal. John had decided to take Alex's advice and post her theme songs in with the blogs. He was typing one of them one day while Sherlock flipped through his notes. Alex was reading her book on the couch.

"What are you typing?" Sherlock asked.

"Blog." John said.

"About?" Sherlock asked.

"Us." John said.

"You mean me." Sherlock said.

"Why?" Alex asked.

"He's typing a lot." Sherlock said.

The doorbell suddenly rang. Alex looked up. Sherlock took a sip of his coffee and went to the door. Alex marked her page and stood up.

"So, what have we got?" Sherlock asked.

It was a man. Sherlock brought him in and sat him in the chair that their clients sat in. Sherlock took a few minutes to get dressed and then came back in. John took out his notepad and pencil to take notes. 

"My wife seems to be spending a very long time at the office." The man said.

"Boring." Sherlock stated simply.

"Sherlock!" Alex said.

A few days later, a woman was sitting in the exact same spot that man had. John was sitting in his chair this time and Alex was in Sherlock's chair.

"I think my husband might be having an affair." She said.

"Yes." Sherlock said.

"Sherlock!" Alex said.

A few days after that incident, another man was sitting in the chair. He was holding a jar filled with his aunt's ashes. Sherlock was pacing again.

"She's not my real aunt. She's been replaced." The man said. John nodded. "I know she has. I know human ashes."

"Leave." Sherlock said.

"SHERLOCK!" Alex yelled.

"We are prepared to offer any sum of money you care to mention for the recovery of this fine art." A man said a few days later. He was an official and he had body gaurds with him.

"Can we have enough to go to Disney World?" Alex asked.

"Boring." Sherlock said.

"But, Sherlock!" Alex whined. "I really wanna go to Didney Worl!"

"No." Sherlock said.

A  week or so later, a group of teenage boys was sitting in their living room. They had tried to flirt with Alex, which had almost gotten them kicked out before they could explain why they were there.

"We have this website. It explains the true meaning of comic books." The leader of them said. "Cause people miss a lot of things. But then all the comic books start coming true."

"Oh...intresting." Sherlock said.

He took that one. Alex wanted to refuse it because of the catcalls she received whenever the three boys saw her. When the case was over and John was typing his blog, Sherlock came and looked over his shoulder.

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