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The next morning, Sherlock woke Alex up early to walk her back to her room. He wanted to make sure she would be safe before leaving her for another hour. He opened to door to her room. The two of them stopped dead. There was a large, blue smiley face painted in nail polish on the wall with a message that was also written in blue nail polish.

Well done, deary. You figured out you would be next to die. There were toxins on your nightgown. Smart, you are. I can see why Sherlock likes you so much.
~ SH

"I friggen knew it!" Alex said. She turned to Sherlock and hugged him tightly. "Sherlock, I'm scared."

"I know, I know." Sherlock said. "I'm right here. Shh, don't be scared. I won't let anything or anyone hurt you."

"Ugh, why did we even come?" Alex screamed.

"I should have listened to you." Sherlock sighed. "It's going to be okay. We'll get out of this alive."

Alex didn't eat any breakfast that morning, knowing she could be choked or poisoned. She was starving, though, and the bacon smelled very tempting. Alex thought maybe one little bite wouldn't hurt. She picked off a bit of the bacon, but Sherlock slapped it out of her hand.

"No." He said firmly. "I know you're hungry, but you can't eat anything today."

"Sherlock, I'm so hungry." Alex whined.

"I know." Sherlock sighed, giving into his wife's demands. He looked around for someone who the killer knew Alex wouldn't want to take food from. "Anderson, give Alex your bacon."

"Why should I?" Anderson asked.

"Just do it." Sally rolled her eyes.

"Fine." Anderson said, passing Alex bacon.

"Thank God." Alex said devoring it. "I thought I was going to pass out if I didn't eat something soon."

"Yes, you probably would have." Sherlock said. "That would have made you an easy target for the killer."

"You would protect me if that ever happened, right?" Alex asked.

"Yes." Sherlock nodded. "I made wedding vows."

"Good." Alex said.

Sherlock had explained to everyone who he knew that Alex had been next to be killed and had been smart enough not to put on her nightgown. He had advised everyone else to do the same in the coming nights and to stay with someone at all times. He was obviously going to stay with Alex and John would stay with Mary. It looked like Molly would go with Lestrade and Sally would go with Anderson. Sherlock could care less if Sally or Anderson died, but it would lessen their safety in numbers. After lunch, they were allowed to roam the house. Alex and Sherlock were never far apart from one another. When it was time for lunch, they were all called into the dining room again. The other group of people were still slightly shaken. Alex started sniffing the air.

"I know that smell." She said, licking her lips. "French fries, burgers, and soda. Oh my God, it's McDonald's!"

"You can't eat any." Sherlock said.

"I can and will, I'm starving!" Alex yelled, hitting her husband on the shoulder.

"Alex, I really don't think you should eat anything." Mary said. "You coiuld get poisoned."

"I am hungry." Alex said.

"You can have some of mine, okay?" Lestrade whispered.

"Thank you." Alex sighed in relief.

"I wonder why they'd give us McDonald's at a fancy mansion..." Sherlock said. He suddenly got it. He turned to face his friends. "Don't eat it! It's a trap! They must have heard me telling Alex that I wasn't going to get her McDonald's! They know she likes McDonald's! It's probably poisoned, so don't eat it."

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