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Sherlock decided to surprise Molly, Lestrade, and Mrs. Hudson before turning in for the night. He and Alex went to St. Barts first. Sherlock stood in the locker room as Molly came in. She opened her locker to put her jacket in and jumped when she saw Sherlock reflected in the mirror. She looked from Sherlock to Alex, who were holding hands.

"Are you two-" She started.

"Yeah!" Alex said.

"Oh my God!" Molly squealed.

"I know!" Alex said. 

They hugged and fangirled over the fact that Alex and Sherlock were dating. They then went to go tell Lestrade, who was leaving Scotland Yard. He was down in the parking garage. He was about to light a ciggerette when Sherlock made his presence known.

"Those things will kill you." He said.

Lestrade was still for a minute before shutting his ciggerette lighter. "Oh, you bastard."

"It was time to come back." Sherlock said, stepping out from the shadows with Alex. "You've been letting things slide, Grahm."

"Greg." Lestrade corrected.

"Greg." Sherlock said.

Lestrade hugged Sherlock tightly. Alex laughed. Sherlock didn't know what to make of it. The only person who had ever hugged him before was Alex. Next on their list to surprise was Mrs. Hudson. Alex unlocked the door to 221B. Mrs. Hudson came out to greet her and stopped dead when she saw Sherlock. She started screaming in pure joy. Alex laughed. Once Sherlock had done some explaining, he and Alex went up to bed.

"I'm assuming you took my bedroom after I...left?" Sherlock said.

"Yeah." Alex said. "I can move back to the couch just like old times, if you want."  

"No!" Sherock said quickly. "I want you to stay with me. It only seems appropriete since we're together now, doesn't it?" 

"I guess." Alex said. "Go put your pajamas on. I'll be changing in the bathroom."

"Okay." Sherlock said.

They curled up next to each other once they had changed. Alex rested her head on Sherlock's chest and sighed in contentment. Sherlock kissed her on the head. She looked up at him, smiling.

"I'm so glad you're back." She said.

"So am I, Alex." Sherlock sighed. "I love you so much."

"I love you too." Alex said. 

She fell into a deep sleep. She slept an extra couple hours, while Sherlock woke up at 6:30. He smiled when he saw Alex and remembered that they were together. Alex finally woke up around eight. She smiled at Sherlock.

"Good morning, Sherlock." She said.

"Good morning, Alex." Sherlock said. They nuzzled each other. 

Meanwhile, at Mary and John's place, John was freshening up while Mary had her knees hugged up to her chest while reading on her iPad. Music was also coming out of it. She was reading John's blog and listening to the theme song Alex had put in. 

"His movements were so silent, so furtive. He reminded my sister of a trained bloodhound, picking up a scent." Mary read out loud.

"You what?" John asked.

"I couldn't help thinking what an amazing criminal he would be if he turned his talents against the law." Mary read.

John turned to her, shaving cream covering her face. "Don't read that." (This is me whenever my mom starts to read something I've written out loud.)

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