Deduced || Sherlock Holmes by shalabiz
Deduced || Sherlock Holmesby MAE.
❝ Hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with a lie. ❞ When John's sister, Amelia Watson, a homicide detective working in Paris, comes to help him and Sherlock at...
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You Are My Mystery (Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction) by agent_april
You Are My Mystery (Sherlock April Marie
#5 in #sherlock She finally moved out of her adopted house. See, being a sociopath, people tend to not like you. That also includes her birth parents. At the age of ten...
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Sherlock One-Shots and Preferences  by Cinchester17
Sherlock One-Shots and Preferences by Chloe the Hunter
A collection of sherlock one-shots and preferences including: -Sherlock -John -Mycroft -Lestrade -Moriarty REQUESTS ARE ACCEPTED!! (I do not own Sherlock BBC or its char...
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Organised Chaos - Sherlock x Reader by ben-is-a-nerdfighter
Organised Chaos - Sherlock x Readerby Kris
Sherlock x Reader "Love is giving someone the power to destroy you... But trusting them not to." - Unknown You are John's baby sister, visiting him in London f...
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Sherlock Preferences [BBC Show] by Dreamescape101
Sherlock Preferences [BBC Show]by Dreamescape101
BBC's Sherlock Preferences (Some Imagines Included!) Requests Closed (For Now) I DO NOT OWN SHERLOCK OR ITS CHARACTERS. Characters: Sherlock Holmes John Watson Jim M...
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My Collection Of Sherlock Smuts by SherlocksGaze
My Collection Of Sherlock Smutsby SherlocksGaze
Literally this whole thing is grade A Sherlock x reader smut, also it's full of sin so I've warned you
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Sherlock Preferences and Imagines! #Wattys2017 by hungergames36
Sherlock Preferences and nerdy little writer
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Jim Moriarty, Greg Lestrade, Sherrinford Holmes Enjoy!
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Johnlock Oneshots by Potter_Pony
Johnlock Oneshotsby Fandom Trash
Top Ranking: #1 in Johnlock Just some cute and fluffy Johnlock oneshots :) One Shots will be written from different character POV's (Point Of Views) They will all hav...
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Sherlock Holmes x Reader by Team_Free_Will76
Sherlock Holmes x Readerby Team_Free_Will76
John's sister Y/N comes to live in flat 221C. How will Sherlock react when he realises that she is exactly like him? This is taken from my Quotev account (Chloe Souther...
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Sherlock One Shots by TaliaOfTheTARDIS
Sherlock One Shotsby talia
This book contains X Reader stuff and also some of my favourite Sherlock ships, like Sherlolly! If you have any ideas i could (probably fail at) writing a full little st...
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athena ➢ sherlock's daughter by ohlupins
athena ➢ sherlock's daughterby ellie
ä•thē•nä- goddess of wisdom, justice, prudent arts, and warfare; guardian of Athens; identified by the Romans as Minerva Life for Sherlock's daughter is difficult when s...
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Sherlock Imagines by CrazygirlP13
Sherlock Imaginesby CrazygirlP13
Hello to the Sherlockians of the vast Wattpad world! I am happy to present a whole bunch of BBC Sherlock imagines! I understand if some of you read this and think &quo...
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Sherlock Imagines/Preferences by livluvlaugh13
Sherlock Imagines/Preferencesby Liv
Just the main characters featured in imagines and preferences from BBC's Sherlock
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2 1/2 B Baker Street by LittleAdrian
2 1/2 B Baker Streetby LittleAdrian
Sherlock ageplay AU. Sherlock Holmes is a psychologist with a secret desire of his own. John Watson is an army vet divorced from his wife who wants something to give hi...
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The Academy Genius  by tc5322
The Academy Genius by TC5322
TRYING to update on the weekends!! When Sang Sorenson's safe haven is threatened, she will do anything to protect them. Including moving to the United States. What happe...
  • sherlock
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Waiter in a suit - A Johnlock by xMaaaayx
Waiter in a suit - A Johnlockby May
John Watson thirty-two years old wasted his entire life with failing dates with women. Until someone simply told him that he was gay. A Johnlock fanfiction ~ Johnlock ~...
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I am not lonely [Mystrade] by BillySHolmes
I am not lonely [Mystrade]by Sonny Lazarus
Mycroft Holmes is apparently a very happy man. He have an important job, a stable relationship with a Scotland Yard officer since a couple of years and a -slightly annoy...
  • mycroft
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Consulting Daughter (BBC Sherlock) by BadWolfBlue
Consulting Daughter (BBC Sherlock)by BadWolfBlue
Kyna Jocelyn Graham is unusually talented and intelligent, much to her mother's unending and embarrassing horror. For sixteen years Kyna's mother has been desperately tr...
  • ireneadler
  • marymorstan
  • jimmoriarty
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Sherlock Imagines [ Book 1 ] by myfirstnameisagent
Sherlock Imagines [ Book 1 ]by Friendly Emo
You and the world famous consulting detective! Aswell as other characters #24 in #johnwatson 9/8/18 # 143 in fanfiction 1/18/17 #147 in fanfiction 1/18/17 #154 in fanfic...
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Daily Johnlock by Obsessedminddumpster
Daily Johnlockby Dumpster
Johnlock one shots because I tend to write Johnlock like, A LOT. So expect a lot of updates on here, okay, thanks. Love all you readers! Thanks for spending your time...
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