Emotional Trauma for John

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Mary and John got into their car and drove to the hospital. Alex and Sherlock had wanted to come with so they were riding in the back. Mary was shrieking in pain. John was driving with one hand and holding Mary's hand with the other. He looked pale.

"John, you okay?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, yeah." John nodded.

"How do you think I'm doing?!" Mary snapped. "Sorry, Alex, I'm just in pain!"

"It's okay." Alex said.

"Animals get through it with no problem so why can't women?" Sherlock tilted his head.

"Shut up, Sherlock!" Mary yelled.

"Which hospital are we going to?" Alex asked.

"Anything that's close." John said.

"You haven't found a hospital?" Mary snapped.

"Give me minute." Alex said, typing into her GPS. "Okay, turn left here!"

"No, I'm gonna turn right, the hospital we've been going to is this way." John said.

"John, turn left, the closest hospital is this way!" Alex said.

John ignored Alex's instructions and turned right. He was going as fast as he possibly could, and it was frightening to Alex. She was clinging to Sherlock for dear life. They were all still in their wedding clothes. 

"John, slow down!" Mary said. "You're going to kill all of us!"

"You're in labor, I will go as fast as I want!" John said. "Mary, just breathe. It's going to be fine."

John pulled into the hospital parking lot. He explained the situation when they got inside and Mary was taken into the maternity ward. John went into the room with Mary. The doctor wouldn't let Alex and Sherlock in since neither of them had any immediete relation to Mary. Alex and Sherlock sat outside the room. They could hear Mary screaming in pain.

"I don't know what to do." Alex said.

"Nothing. We don't do anything." Sherlock said.

"We are the pirates who don't do anything!" Alex said in a sing song voice. Sherlock gave her a confused look. "It's a reference."

"You're a weirdo." Sherlock said.

"But I'm your weirdo. FOREVEEER." Alex said, holding up her ring. Sherlock laughed and ruffled her hair. The happy moment was cut short when Mary let out another angonizing scream. "I wish I could help some way."

Meanwhile, John was pacing by Mary's bedside. He didn't know what to do either. Mary was panting and screaming. She was pushing as hard as she could. John stopped pacing and held her hand. Mary was taking a short break.

"Come on, love, you're doing so well!" John said. "Push!"

"I am pushing!" Mary snapped. "This is all your fault!" 

"I know, I know!" John said. "I'm sorry!"

"It's okay!" Mary groaned. Blood was pouring out of her. 

"Mary, that is way too much blood." John said.

"I'm fine, John." Mary said.

"No, I'm a doctor." John said. "I know for a fact that that's way too much blood."

Mary glared at her husband. She squeezed her eyes shut and pushed one more time. There was a cry and John nearly passed out in relief. Mary had given birth. He took her hand. She smiled weakly at him.

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