The Weapon-A Sherlock Fanfiction by ceceherondale
The Weapon-A Sherlock Fanfictionby cece
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were just on another case. A case in a secret government organization that is not what it seems. There they meet Jax, a sarcastic, indepe...
  • deductions
  • johnwatson
  • romance
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Sherlock Imagines/Preferences by livluvlaugh13
Sherlock Imagines/Preferencesby Liv
Just the main characters featured in imagines and preferences from BBC's Sherlock
  • jamesmoriarty
  • benedictcumberbatch
  • andrewscott
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Sherlock One-Shots and Preferences  by Cinchester17
Sherlock One-Shots and Preferences by Chloe the Hunter
A collection of sherlock one-shots and preferences including: -Sherlock -John -Mycroft -Lestrade -Moriarty REQUESTS ARE ACCEPTED!! (I do not own Sherlock BBC or its char...
  • sherlockimagines
  • mycroft
  • johnwatson
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Organised Chaos - Sherlock x Reader by ben-is-a-nerdfighter
Organised Chaos - Sherlock x Readerby Kris
Sherlock x Reader "Love is giving someone the power to destroy you... But trusting them not to." - Unknown You are John's baby sister, visiting him in London f...
  • sherlockholmes
  • john
  • sherlock
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Adopted by A Film Star (Martin Freeman/Benedict Cumberbatch fanfic) by abswholocked14
Adopted by A Film Star (Martin Abbie Holden
Abbie is a normal 15 year old- well as normal as 15 years olds get, anyway. She goes to school, dance, drama and singing, and spends her spare time searching through tum...
  • sherlock
  • martinfreeman
  • markgatiss
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Beauty and the High-Functioning Sociopath {#PFCC2k16} by jackskellingtonrulz5
Beauty and the High-Functioning stressed depressed mess
Alexandra "Alex" Watson is the younger sister of John Watson. She comes to stay with him and Sherlock Holmes after escaping from her abusive boyfriend. Slowly...
  • love
  • moriarty
  • bakerstreet
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SHERLOCK IMAGINES by DarkKnightoftheSoul
"I was not aware I was explaining the concept of endearment and devotion to a child." The detective runs a hand through his black hair, ruffling the already me...
  • martinfreeman
  • suspense
  • imagines
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Sherlock Imagines and Preferences 2 by Just_A_Sherlockian
Sherlock Imagines and Preferences 2by Just_A_Sherlockian
Hello, my Darlings and welcome to the sequel to my first Sherlock oneshots book! If you are a new reader and haven't read the first book, no need to panic! The chapters...
  • johnlock
  • fanfiction
  • oneshots
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BBC's Sherlock Imagines/Preferences by Trashmouth_T0zier
BBC's Sherlock Imagines/Preferencesby 🐾The Niffler🐾
Heyo. King of the Skelebros here. I'm back from the hiatus. Updates should start again. I will try to get to the limit we have on here (200 parts), but please don't get...
  • benedictcumberbatchoneshots
  • 221b
  • moriartyxreader
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Johnlock Oneshots by strczy
Johnlock Oneshotsby was potter_pony
Top Ranking: #1 in Johnlock Just some cute and fluffy Johnlock oneshots :) One Shots will be written from different character POV's (Point Of Views) They will all hav...
  • martinfreeman
  • gay
  • johnwatson
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Calm The Fire (UNDER EDITING) by Inconvenient_Ideal
Calm The Fire (UNDER EDITING)by Charlie
It is a little known fact that Thorin had come to dislike the race of elves; but perhaps it hasn't always been this way, maybe, just maybe, once upon a time there wasn't...
  • love
  • smaug
  • elves
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Sherlock: The Nanny's Anomaly by Uilosris
Sherlock: The Nanny's Anomalyby Uilosris
John and Sherlock realize that they need someone to care for Rosie in their stead. Solution? A Nanny. After weeks of searching, they hire Susanna Markwardt; half-America...
  • martinfreeman
  • sherlocklovestory
  • british
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Benedict Cumberbatch: Life With Ben by cumberofallcookies
Benedict Cumberbatch: Life With Benby Meg
[#23 in 'Benedict Cumberbatch fan fiction] This is a story about a girl who has lived every fangirls dream; to marry and grow old with their idols. Benedict's wife Clau...
  • fangirl
  • wouldilietoyou
  • him
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Sherlock Preference by TildeLvberg
Sherlock Preferenceby Tilde Lövberg
Inculdes: -Sherlock -John -Moriarty -Greg -Mycroft The characters are from Sherlock bbc and I do not own any of them. (Y/n) = your name (Y/l/n) = your last name
  • sherlockpreference
  • holmes
  • cumberbatch
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The Holmes Called A [Sherlaide III] by Uilosris
The Holmes Called A [Sherlaide III]by Uilosris
[Highest Rank: #4 in sherlocklovestory] Less than a week after his beachside wedding to Adelaide, Sherlock is abducted. With the new Missus Holmes vulnerable and alone i...
  • risk
  • romance
  • love
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Sherlock: His Lover Called A [Sherlaide II] by Uilosris
Sherlock: His Lover Called A [ Uilosris
[Semi-Canon] [Highest Rating- #1 in sherlocklovestory] It's Autumn in London and Love is in season for one Consulting Detective and Zoologist. Sherlock Holmes and Adelai...
  • 221b
  • marywatson
  • mystrade
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Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Life by EricaSnowden1
Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Lifeby EricaSnowden1
Sarah Cook- a normal girl who happens to be somewhat of a closet genius. What would happen if she stepped into a not-so-normal world? This is exactly what happens when s...
  • benedict
  • sherlock
  • bbc
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a study in observing ◇ sherlock by easiertorun
a study in observing ◇ sherlockby peace out, douche wad!
"At the moment you are no longer an observing, reflecting being; you have ceased to be aware of yourself; you exist only in that quiet, steady thrill that is so unl...
  • benedictcumberbatch
  • john
  • consultingdetective
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kal3nd4rz adv3ntowy by gadaboutxchris
kal3nd4rz adv3ntowyby b!4ck h0l3
kalendarz adwentowy na święta bo zbyt bardzo kocham moje kwiatki kalendarz adwentowy z aktorami i muzykami
  • martinfreeman
  • adwentowy
  • davidbowie
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BBC Sherlock One Shots by 221buttercup
BBC Sherlock One Shotsby Sherlock Fics
An assortment of BBC Sherlock one shots. I'm only writing Sherlock/Readers myself, but if someone wants to request a different character, by all means go ahead! By the w...
  • sherlock
  • sherlockholmes
  • bbcsherlock
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