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Fiction travel: Loki x fem!reader (Marvel and Sherlock crossover) by 221b_blogger101
Fiction travel: Loki x fem!reader...by Anna Watson
An MCU and Sherlock universe crossover x reader Loki x reader with fluff with other characters ~~~ Y/n has been working on her machine for years and when finally done sh...
Safe - A Moriarty FanFic by LSDBabe
Safe - A Moriarty FanFicby LSDBabe
All Chai wanted was a cup of tea. But when she crosses paths with a very famous detective, he puts her life in danger simply by talking. After being blown across a diner...
y/n Holmes (Loki x reader) by marvel7starkid
y/n Holmes (Loki x reader)by marvel7starkid
"So you want me to interrogate him? That's why i'm here? To babysit a bloke you have locked in a cage" You asked in your heavy English accent that you had pick...
Sherlock Imagines [ Book 2 ] by myfirstnameisagent
Sherlock Imagines [ Book 2 ]by Friendly Emo
You and the Sherlock characters. I'm known for feels and sometimes fluff. You've been warned.
Sherlock Imagines by ShylaQuiet
Sherlock Imaginesby ʄʀɛƈӄʟɛɖ ɖɛɛʀ
《~ Imagines ~, ○ preferences ○, - drabbles -, >song fics< and {other writings}》 ~~Based on the BBC version of Sherlock~~ I heavily doubt anyone cares, but requests...
Anderson ↠ BBC Sherlock by LMoriarty
Anderson ↠ BBC Sherlockby Lanie (lay-knee)
Fact: Sherlock Holmes hates Philip Anderson. Fact: Philip Anderson hates Sherlock Holmes. Lie: The reason that Philip hates Sherlock to the extent that he does is simp...
The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes by 28_styles4miles
The Daughter of Sherlock Holmesby Francheska Imie Corilla
A thirteen-year-old not so normal girl named Cassidy is born with special abilities and an advanced mind. She is just living a boring and normal life. Not until her lega...
The Detectives Daughter by HarrietSwan98
The Detectives Daughterby Harriet_Swan
An Ex Army Doctor John Watson meet the Consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and his 13 year old daughter. The two Holmes' pull the good doctor into their crazy lives and...
Sherlock Preferences by PricklyHedgie
Sherlock Preferencesby PricklyHedgie
You can imagine the characters as any of them from the multiple versions, I don't mind. This will include Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Greg Lestrade, Mycroft Holmes, a...
I Owe You (Moriarty Fanfic) by cristaadams
I Owe You (Moriarty Fanfic)by Crista
WHO SAID PSYCHOPATHS COULDN'T FEEL? THEY COULD. THEY JUST CHOOSE NOT TO. This was what Moriarty kept in mind just to achieve whatever he wanted. He was a criminal, an...
Partners In Crime: Beginners Luck - A BBC Sherlock Fanfiction [COMPLETED] by TheWeepingAngelOfCas
Partners In Crime: Beginners Luck...by EmmiStabdEmAll
Disclaimer: BBC Sherlock belongs to its rightful owners. Also, I only added some words to the cover. The pic I do not own. WARNING: READ THE FIRST BOOK BEFORE THIS ONE...
Her Darkness (Jim Moriarty x Reader) by Dani_the_Potato
Her Darkness (Jim Moriarty x Reade...by 💚𝙳𝚊𝚗𝚒💚
You start out as good. But, then you meet him. Jim Moriarty. He sees that darkness inside of you. The darkness you've tried so hard all of your life to hide. You push it...
Devil in Westwood: Moriarty x fem!reader by 221b_blogger101
Devil in Westwood: Moriarty x fem...by Anna Watson
[CONTAINS SMUT!] ❗️18+❗️ ~~~ Being the youngest Holmes was always quite the journey, especially when you didn't want to show off your talents, maybe even lack of such. C...
A new girl in town - Moriarty Fanfic by Wecomewithmusic
A new girl in town - Moriarty Fanf...by wecomewithmusic .
I just moved to London, excited to start a new life. Meeting John Watson was a pleasant surprise, but as I grew closer to him, a different man started to pay attention...
Jim Moriarty's Daughter by butchersmiles
Jim Moriarty's Daughterby amanda
A series of one shots about Jim Moriarty and his daughter, Jen.
Shadows of the Past (BBC Sherlock) -1- by arrow_to_the_heart
Shadows of the Past (BBC Sherlock)...by prim/miss barnes
**Now featured on Wattpad's Official Sherlock Fanfic Reading List!** [Set in Series 2, Episode 3 - The Reichenbach Fall] In which an American girl travels to London for...
NUMB ⇝ sherlock bbc by boreaIe
NUMB ⇝ sherlock bbcby rain
" but if i sit in the rain, maybe i can drown in something other than my own thoughts? " ──── in which vic cooper will learn ...
Vampire on Baker street ( A Sherlock fan-fiction) by Cynder15
Vampire on Baker street ( A Sherlo...by Sara
Sara Knightly is a 300 year old vampire. While in London she decides to pay her old friend, John Watson, a visit. There she meets a man named Sherlock Holmes. How will S...
The Thieving Magpie  by watson_spoton
The Thieving Magpie by J.M. Sundborg
(Jim Moriarty x reader) [COMPLETED] - "...Jim," she gasped. He stared at her intensely, hands in his pockets. His hair was messy, and dark circles hung from h...