Murder Mayhem

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Okay, I wanted to try my hand at writing an actual case. I took this whole chapter and probably the next few (Maybe. I know it will be this chapter and some of the next.) from a story my friend told me in summer camp, so the whole plot goes to her. Thanks, Catherine! 


A month after Alex had an allergic reaction, she was back home. It was passionflower that she was allergic to. She had gotten an extension on the song she was writing and had been able to finish it. The final product had actually been okay. It had put some extra food on the table, so Sherlock hadn't protested. One day, Sherlock was getting the mail. There was a formal note adressed to Mr. and Mrs. Holmes. He brought it in the house.

"Alex, come here." He said. Alex came out of the bedroom.

"Yeah?" She yawned. She had been taking a nap. 

"Take a look at this." Sherlock said, showing her the note. Alex tilted her head and read it out loud. This is what it said:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Holmes,
You are invited to a dinner party at the large mansion on Bay Drive this Saturday night. There will be several other guests there besides you two. You will meet them when you arive. Do not speak to anyone about this besides each other.
(This does not stand for Sherlock Holmes, it stands for something else.)

Alex was confused. She didn't want to go to a dinner party she couldn't tell anyone about. Sherlock didn't either, but he knew this must be intresting. Maybe it would even be a case. He hadn't had a case in ages, so he was itching to get out on one. Alex finally agreed to go after much negotiation. On the night of, she wore a blood red dress. Sherlock was wearing a suit. They had arranged for Mrs. Hudson to babysit again.

"I really don't want to go to this." Alex said. "Something's wrong. I can sense it." 

"Dear, nothing's wrong." Sherlock rolled his eyes as they got into the rented car. "Believe me, I would know."

"I guess you're right." Alex sighed. "I just...I've got a bad feeling."

"Maybe you're just hungry." Sherlock said.

The drive to the mansion was long and painfully silent. Alex was scared about something happening. She couldn't shake the bad feeling she had. Sherlock held Alex's hand. When they got to the mansion, he gave his wife a reassuring look.

"It'll be fine." Sherlock said.

"I doubt it." Alex said.

They got out of the car and walked into the mansion, Sherlock holding Alex's hand. A butler greeted them at the door. Alex shyed away, backing into Sherlock.

"Ah, hello, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes." He said.

"How do you know our names?" Alex asked suspiciously.

"My employer has told me who is who." The butler said.

"Who's your employer?" Alex asked.

"I'm afraid I'm not at the liberty to say." The butler said.

"Right. Sherlock, we're leaving." Alex said.

"But you've just arrived." The butler said.

"Is there anyone else here besides us?" Sherlock asked. 

"Yes, they're both in the den." The butler said. "Would you like me to show you in?"

"Yes, please." Sherlock nodded.

The butler walked them to the den. Alex gaped when she saw who was there. It was Molly and Lestrade. Sherlock looked equally surprised and so did Molly and Lestrade. 

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