The Strongest and Smartest Woman He Ever Knew

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I put a song in this chapter that Alex wrote for Sherlock's funeral. I do not own it in any way, I just liked it and thought I should pretend to have her write it. Once again, I do not own this song in any way. If you want to hear it at the right moment, hit play when you see (~~~).


Alex sobbed harder than she ever had in her life. Sherlock's coat was wrapped tightly around her. She sobbed so hard that she just fell asleep. When she woke up, the reality of Sherlock's death hit her like a slap to the face. More tears poured down her face. John had come home, she noticed. He was sitting in his chair. Mrs. Hudson was crying downstairs. Alex sat up and looked at John.

"Hey." She said.

"I don't want to talk right now, if that's all right with you." John said, putting his face in his hands.

"Did you call everyone?" Alex asked.

"Yes, Alex, now please leave me alone." John said.

"Okay." Alex nodded.

A few days later, they began planning the funeral. John, Molly, and Alex were giving the eulogies, Alex was writing and composing a song on the piano, Mrs. Hudson was baking, Lestrade was paying for the whole thing, and Mycroft was paying for the headstone. Alex was walking around the flat singing her song one day when Molly came in.

"You have a beautiful singing voice." She said.

"Thanks." Alex said. "I miss him so much..."

"I know. I do too." Molly said.

"The last thing he told me was that he loved me." Alex said.

"I'm so sorry, Alex." Molly said. "Come on, let's go."

"Do I have to buy a dress?" Alex asked.

"Uh, yeah! I'm getting one, so you're getting one." Molly said.

"So in this friendship, you're the girly one and I'm the tom-boyish one." Alex said. "That's good to know."

"Come on." Molly laughed, dragging Alex down the stairs. She was about to hail a taxi, when Alex stopped her.

"Can we not take a cab?" She asked. "It reminds me too much of...of him."

"Yeah, of course." Molly nodded. "Let's just walk there."

Alex and Molly walked to a nearby mall. She and Sherlock had come here once on one of their cases. That had been fun. Alex took a black dress and Molly took another one. They tried them on and agreed that these ones were good. Alex hummed "If I Die Young" while they were in line to pay. She thought it described the situation. John wasn't doing too well. He had gone back to his therapist. Alex was worried about him. Molly turned to Alex.

"You okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, just fine." Alex smiled as convincingly as she could, even though she was dying inside.

"I know you're not. You remind me of him and I knew when he wasn't okay. You're not." Molly said.

"I just really miss him." Alex said. 

"I know you do." Molly said. "Oh, it's our turn."

"Here's the money." Alex said, getting out the money to pay for the dress.

"Don't you dare. You're grieving, Alex. I've got it." Molly said, remembering her promise to Sherlock.

"Molly...I can't let you do that." Alex said.

"I can and I will." Molly said, taking Alex's dress and her own. She paid, ignoring Alex's protests, and then they left the store together.

Soon, the day of the actual funeral arrived. John dressed in his all black suit and Alex put on her dress. She had lost a considerable amount of weight because of grief. so it was a little big on her. She filled up Lou's food bowl and put on Sherlock's coat. She figured he would have wanted her to have it. The sheet of music was in the pocket of the coat. Alex touched it gently. They got in the funeral cars. Mycroft had said they wouldn't be showing the body, no matter how much Alex had argued. She was angry at Mycroft. She wouldn't be able to say goodbye to the man who had loved her and she had loved back. Alex felt sick as she walked into the church. She noticed that even Sally and Anderson were here. Alex felt rage bubble up inside her and walked up to them. She wasn't even trying to conceal her anger.

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