Baskerville and the Beagle

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The next morning, they were in Dartmoor. Sherlock had rented a jeep and was driving them to the moor so they could get a lay of the land. John was sitting in the passenger's seat and Alex was sitting in the back. When they got to their destination, Sherlock climped up on one of the rocks, Alex beside him. She had her sketchbook and was sketching away furiously. She was sitting while Sherlock was standing. She had him included in the picture.

"There's Baskerville." John pointed to a large building. "And that's Grimpen Village so that must be Dewar's Hollow.

"What's that?" Sherlock pointed a fenced off portion of land. 

"Maybe a minefield. Techinacally Baskerville's an army base, so I guess they've always been keen to keep people out." John said.

"Clearly." Sherlock said. He looked at Alex's sketchbook. "That's good." 

"Thanks." She said.

They drove to the town where they would be staying after that. There was a large tour group. Sherlock ignored them and turned up his coat collar. Alex gave him a look and he shrugged at her.

"It's cold." He said.

"I'm in a T-shirt and I'm fine." Alex said.

Sherlock ignored her. They checked in to their hotel. Alex and Sherlock were sharing a room and John was on his own. As much as Alex loved her brother, she didn't like being woken up when he had nightmares. John had settled for the arrangment after Alex had told him they would be in two seperate beds. Sherlock was walking in and out of the small pub of the hotel lobby, almost like a cat. Alex followed him wherever he went. John was starting to wonder if either of them felt anything for each other.

"Sorry we couldn't do a double room for you boys." One of the men who worked there said, handing John his room key.

"That's fine, we're not-" John started. He then stopped and sighed, realizing he couldn't change people's minds. He handed the man the money needed to pay. "Here you go."

"I'll go get your change." The man smiled. He arrived a minute later. "There you go."

"I couldn't help noticing on the map of the moor, a skull and crossbones?" John said.

"Oh, that." The man said.

"Pirates?" John chuckled.

"Oh no, the Great Grimpen Minefield they call it." The man said.

"Oh, right?" John asked.

"It's not what you think." The man said. "It's the Baskerville testing site. It's been going for 80 odd years. I'm not sure anyone really knows what's there anymore.:

"Explosives?" John suggested.

"Not just explosives. Break into that place and if you're lucky, you just get blowed up, so they say. In case you were planning a nice, wee stroll." The man said.

"Ah, I'll remember." John chuckled.

"Aye, it buggers up tourism a bit. So thank God for the demon hound." The man laughed. "Did you see that show, the documentary?" 

"Uh, quite recently, yeah." John nodded.

"God bless Henry Knight and his monster from hell." The man said. Sherlock looked up. He was at the door again, Alex on his heels.

"You ever seen it, the hound?" John asked.

"Me? No." The man shook his head. "Fletcher has. He runs the walks, the monster walks for the tourists, you know. He's seen it." 

"That's handy. For trade." John said.

Sherlock followed Fletcher outside. Alex followed him. Fletcher sat down at a table outside and Sherlock walked up casually.

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