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Tall Buildings and Pill Bottles - A Johnlock Story by johnlock_is_otp
Tall Buildings and Pill johnlock_is_otp
TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️- mention of suicide , domestic abuse, eating disorders and self harm. John and Sherlock are working a case when Sherlock gets shot. He is not majorly...
Mental: Sherlock x fem!Reader x Moriarty by 221b_blogger101
Mental: Sherlock x fem!Reader x Anna || they/them
You move into 221A. You're a forensic scientist. You fall for a sociopath and a psychopath. What more can I say? Oh, and did I mention the men you fall for are arch-enem...
Beauty and the High-Functioning Sociopath {#PFCC2k16} by jackskellingtonrulz5
Beauty and the High-Functioning arven
Alexandra "Alex" Watson is the younger sister of John Watson. She comes to stay with him and Sherlock Holmes after escaping from her abusive boyfriend. Slowly...
SherlockxReader One Shots/Imagines/preferences REQUESTS CLOSED!! by kristinaRaven99
SherlockxReader One Shots/ Kristina Raven
So here's the deal: I love these books as much as the next fangirl, and I keep on getting Sherlock ideas, so here I am! Writing a Sherlock one shot/imagine/preference bo...
The Consulting Detective's Apprentice (Sherlock x Reader) by CharismaticSociopath
The Consulting Detective's Charismatic Sociopath
When Sherlock goes off to solve another case for Scotland Yard, he doesn't expect to be greeted by a new member of the forensics team that shows serious promise of being...
Life is but a Dream... (A Sherlock Fanfiction) by jedihobbitwizard
Life is but a Dream... (A jedihobbitwizard
Aspen Watson. There's my name. Nothing special about me... My uncle fought in Afghanistan and is back. I'm always fighting a battle though. It's when I go to stay with h...
HELLA ♚ BBC SHERLOCK by DarellyLucero
"There is no great genius without some touch of madness." -Aristotle. *** "IN WHICH A PSYCHOPATHIC FAN FINDS HERSELF IN ONE OF HER FAVORITE TV SHOWS."...
Sherlock Imagines/Preferences by livluvlaugh13
Sherlock Imagines/Preferencesby Liv
Just the main characters featured in imagines and preferences from BBC's Sherlock
THE HEART| Sherlock Holmes by SymoneHeyward
THE HEART| Sherlock Holmesby Symone
"Did somebody call for a medic?" She was Johns best friend, a bubbly energetic and slightly sarcastic combat medic who had a taste for adventure and Sherlock...
Bored (A Sherlock Fanfiction) by Inspiration-Nation
Bored (A Sherlock Fanfiction)by Carley
Amelia is the mysterious girl with no last name. Sherlock is the detective with no mystery unsolved. When Amelia appears on his doorstep, claiming to be moving into the...
LITTLE BRAINS || Sherlock Gif Series by life-in-PURPLE
LITTLE BRAINS || Sherlock Gif 💜Nancy’s Bitch💜
"what it must be like in your funny little brains, it must be so boring"
After The Reichenbach Fall by _joystark
After The Reichenbach Fallby joy
Two years after the death of the famuous detectives Sherlock Holmes and (Your full name) they are back at the 221 Baker Street with another mission. Follow the adventuro...
The Other One *Editing* by missagentpotter
The Other One *Editing*by Ellie
Click. Click. Someone's breaking in at 221B Baker Street. Step. Step. They're coming up the stairs. The great detective opens to the door to find the perfect deduction w...
Sherlolly Oneshots by FnchDrcy
Sherlolly Oneshotsby beneloo|brealeybatch
Oneshots following the ever confusing, adventure-bound, love-entangled lives (and alternate lives) of our favorite consulting detective and pathologist.
The Bás I Caillteanas Project by 0badwolfholmes0
The Bás I Caillteanas Projectby 0badwolfholmes0
Sherlock Holmes - the high functioning sociopath of London. He solves crimes as an alternative to getting high. Brother of Mycroft Holmes and best friend of Doctor John...
His High-functioning Sociopath (Sequel to 'My High-functioning Sociopath') by Queen_Oreo_Peasant
His High-functioning Sociopath ( *HIATUS*
Sherlock Holmes finally tells his fellow friends about his relationship with Elizabeth, with herself helping him explain as well. Both travel into mini flashbacks of the...
Sherlolly One Shots  by beingonstageismagic
Sherlolly One Shots by Sherlolly Shipper <3
A little book of a lot of love. Sherlolly One Shots, I thought it might be easier to put all my books in one place as I start to write a bit more again. The first four...
Genius ~ Sherlolly by drinkingmoriartea
Genius ~ Sherlollyby Baenidict Cumberbatch
It's lonely at 221B, Sherlock and John are growing more and more distant, Lestrade is always a busy and no good cases have come up for a long time. But then there is one...
a study in wizardry by Demons-run72
a study in wizardryby Demons-run72
sherlock and harry potter crossover All rights go to the BBC and the JK queen I will be quoting a lot but that is all their rights I am but a humble writer adding to t...
Into The Near Future by WolfyKittyCake
Into The Near Futureby Saeryn Sawyer
After Sherlock's supposed 'death' his friends all come together to watch Sherlock Holmes and John Watson's incredible life story.... they all soon realize the secrets Sh...