Chapter 11.

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"A haircut and a hair color," I say calmly while getting into his car.

"I can see that clearly. I'm not a blind. My actual question was that why did you ruin those beautiful dirty blonde hair of yours?"

"Jace, I didn't ruin it. I just needed a change."

"A change? Can you be specific enough please?"

"A change from being similar to Shawn's girlfriends," I mumble the last two words though because I know how Jace will react.

As I expected, Jace turn his face away, slaps the steering wheel with his hand and says, "Yea here we go again. You just promised me to get over that Shawn and now here you are doing a makeover because of him."

He continue, "Well I have to say, that's a massive horrible change, Kat."

Feeling irritated with his comment, I turn to him and ask, "Horrible? I feel so much confident with this hair."

"Can I ask you something? Were you not a confident girl before?"

"I was and I am. But this makes me extra confident."

"Are you kidding me, Kat? You literally changed your identity as a blondie."

"I know I know! But look at me. Don't you see the difference in me apart from the color? I made a bold decision for the first time ever in my life. You knew that I live by rules and I obeyed all the authorities so that I don't get into troubles," I say while Jace being silent. He choose to listen to me deeply this time.

I continue, "And I realized that througout this 16 years of my life, I had never done anything remotely crazy or brave. I was just a... boring perfect girl."

Jace open his mouth to say something but I stopped him, "Jace, at first, I had a different reason to cut and die my hair but now after looking at my reflection in the mirror, I realized that it is all about me and this hair really boost my confidence."

"Fine. I'm cool with the haircut but I can't accept those color."

"Come on Jace. I actually pull out this look you know?"



"Never going to like it."

"Ugh, just drive, Jace."

So you guys must be wondering about my makeover that Jace hated so much. I actually had a short choppy wavy bob haircut and I have to say that I am so in love with those soft waves which gives a sense of fullness and volumes. As for the color, Tara has recommended thousands of colors to me but my eyes were fixed on that one color which I know a very few people will have it.

Lavender gray.

Yes. I chose to dye my hair lavender gray. I immediately felt in love with the color when Tara showed me the sample. The color is like a smoky-gray base with a lavender tint. The amount of purple can vary from a light tinge into full-on lavender, but either way, it's a more refined twist on the unicorn colors from seasons past.

I have to admit that I actually like this new Katrina. Physically I mean.

The car ride to my house with Jace was so annoying because Jace can't just shut his duck mouth and keep bickering about how he hated my hair color. Typical Jace. He's not going to stop until my original hair color show up.

After about twenty minutes Jace dropped me off at my house and dissapeared immeditely because he can't see me with this hair. Great, I'm just going to wait and see for how long he could avoid me like this. He is Jace Stone, soulmate of Katrina Jones. Well, both Katie and Jace are my best friends but Jace is a bit more close to me.

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