Chapter 5.

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"I...I'm s-so sorry!" I stutter and without looking at anyone I rush over to his desk, gather all my books in one shot and shove it inside my bag and zip it.

Mason and Vince started to laugh at me while Jeremy and Dylan stay silent. I look over at Shawn who is clearly shocked from what had happened. I clear my throats to seek some attention and all the heads including Shawn is now looking at me. I politely say sorry again because it's definitely my mistake. Shawn opens his mouth to say something but closes it back.

"Lucky you, Katrina. Shawn is in a good mood today. If not I'm sure he won't leave you easily with a simple sorry," Vince says while smirking at me and I just nod.

He continue, "He's too distracted with a girl named Stella. So don't try to disturb him anymore."

Disturb him? Is he serious? I'm trying to control the anger boiling inside me.

"Excuse me? Accidentally dropping my bag and books on his desk is considered as disturbing him? Well, I don't know that and for god sake please! I don't give a damn about who is distracting this Shawn Harrison," I shout and my voice came out in a much higher volume which surprised everyone.

"Oh Vince, can't you shut your ugly mouth even for a second?" Dylan scolds Vince.

"What? What did I say wrong now? It is true that Shawn is in good mood so he didn't -"

"Vince! That's enough. This is not a big deal for me," Shawn cut him off this time making everyone's jaw including mine hit the floor.

"Not a big deal? Did you guys heard that?" Vince asks in disbelief.

"Vince!" Shawn yells, losing his temper. I could see his face are turning red.

Jeremy who has been the only silent person in the group has finally decided to speak only to make things even worst, "Wait, do you both share some sort of history? Why do I sense some hate love feeling here?"

See I told you.

"Hate love? That's a serious bullshit," Shawn snaps without wasting a second which somehow managed to hurt me.

I pretend to be fine with his statement and reply, "Yes. It's a complete utter bullshit."

We both stare at each other for a minute and all I can see through his baby blue eyes is just his hatred on me.

"Okay that's enough with you guys. Kat, I'm extremely sorry on behalf of Shawn and Vince okay," Dylan says trying to calm us down.

I looked away from Shawn's gaze, "You don't have to be sorry for them and Dylan? Can you do me a favour? Please put all this ape family in a cage and send them to the farthest zoo in the world. It would bring some peace in the city," I snap and with that I turn my heels around and walk out from the classroom.

I furiously walk to the cafeteria where Katie and Jace were already waiting for me. They're back together after their little argument yesterday. Katie and I hug and apologize to each other for what had happened earlier.

"Are you alright?" Katie asks in a concerning tone to which Jace agrees, "Yeah, you look enranged though."

There is no way I am going to tell them about what had happened in class.

"I'm fine. Just tired from class. You guys know how much I hated Chemistry though."

"Yes we know that but Kat? How did you always managed to get an A if you hate it?" Katie asks trying to be a joker as always.

"Katie, is this the time to ask that? I'm hungry!"

"Okay okay fine! Let's go have our lunch," she says while grinning at me.

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