Chapter 4.

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After an hour of lecturing, Mr Hudson has decided to let us go early. Apparently, he has to attend an important meeting so he have to sacrifice the remaining forty-five minutes of the class. 

It's going to be long lunch period for us since the class ends early. Normally, I used to have my lunch together with Katie and Jace and I'm sure they're having class right now. So, I have decided to stay here while waiting for them. 

As everyone started to leave, I could sense that Shawn's group is going to stay here as well because they make no attempt to move from their place at all. Of course, tosser Shawn is waiting for his precious lunch time to showcase his Valentine's day date.

Yes, Shawn has this pride attitude and always wanted to stand out the most in a crowd. So, he used to propose all the girls that he wanted at the cafeteria during our lunch.

"Are you going to stay here as well, Kat?" Mason asks. He's still sitting beside me while facing his friends at the back. 

"Well I have the same question for you and your fellow ape friends, Mason," I say while rolling my eyes. "And yes, I'm staying here waiting for my friends for lunch."

"Does those ape friends includes me as well, Katrina?" Dylan ask me out of the blue.

I laugh and reply, "No! Of course not."

"Kat, I don't know you were so blind all this time. You should start wearing glasses soon," Mason says and Dylan hit him on his head with a book.

"Would you guys stop playing like an immature kids?" It was Shawn though. He's clearly annoyed by looking at his two best friends acting childishly.

Both Dylan and Mason has immediately stopped fighting each other and apologised to Shawn for their behaviour.

"Uhm, Mason?" I say while tilting my head to the side.

"What do you want from one the ape now, Kat?" He ask back sarcastically.

"You still haven't answered my question though and thank you for finally agreeing with me about the ape stuff."

"Oh yea? You're welcome and to answer your question, we're just going to have some talks. Men talks I mean," He says while smirking at Shawn who snorts back.

Okay, I am super irritated with these people now. It's not like I'm going to eavesdropping their conversation for them to be worried about my presence here. Or should I? 

"Oh don't worry. I'm clearly not interested in whatever you guys are going to talk about. I have my best buddy with me to give you all an enough privacy," I say referring to my AirPods while getting it in my ears. And then I did something that every teenager would love to do. I turn off the volume in my iPod. 

Yes, I am so going to listen to their so called manly conversation.

I open my Chemistry notes to revise today's lesson and pretend like I'm listening to the songs.

"Dude, are you sure she's not going to hear us talking?" I think it's Vince asking someone in the group. He has the most softest voice among them so it's easy for me to recognize this voice.

"Nah. She won't." To my surprise it was Shawn answering him back. This is the first time he's defending-

"But I don't care even if she does. We're just going to talk about Stella." He interrupted my thoughts making my heart sink.

By the way, who is Stella? I never heard this name in our school before.

"Speaking of Stella, how are you planning to ask her out?" Mason ask Shawn.

"She's going to Westside right?" A foreign voice ask. I assume it's Jeremy because I never heard his voice before. He never been talked to me before like the others.

Westside? No wonder I've never heard about this Stella because she's not from Lakeside. Wait a minute. That means Shawn for the very first time is going to date a non-Lakeside school girl? And that means no drama during lunch for this year's Valentine's Day?

Is this a happy news or it's just the beginning of a new nightmare?

"Yea man, she goes to Westside and I already have the plan set on how to ask her out," Shawn reply.

"Which is what, how, when and where?" Vince ask.

Shawn chuckles, "That's going to be a surprise for you guys as well. So wait and watch."

Why do I feel like that his words are directing toward me. 

"What the fuck dude? Since when you started to hide things from us?" Mason whines like a baby and I can't hide the amusement on my face. Luckily they can't see my face.

"At least tell us what you both are going to do later?" Jeremy ask and I'm not so ready to hear whatever Shawn is going to tell them. 

"Well, I guess we're going to spend the night at my house," Shawn says and my heart drops. His friends are
woo-ing him asking for more details. I can't stay here any longer because I know that I will begin sobbing uncontrollably anytime soon but they will get suspicious if I leave at this moment. 

Shawn laugh histerically, "I have given you guys enough details so no more Stella topic for now." 

Somehow I feel relieved with his decision. His friends, of course keep forcing him to spill the beans but Shawn firmly ignoring them. After debating so much they ended up talking about some car stuffs.

It's almost lunch time so I think I better get going now. I plug out the AirPods and pops it inside my bag together with the iPod. As I stand and prepare to leave, Mason call out my name and I turn to see his grinning face.

What does he want from me now?
Trying not to be rude I ask with a smile on my face, "Yes, may I help you, Mason?"

"Nah I just wanted to say bye and see you soon," He says while still grinning at me.

I glance at Shawn who's looking at me with no expression at all. Is he still holding grudges on me when I didn't do anything wrong to him? Wow. He's a real psychotic idiot.

"Yea... well see you soon, Mason," I reply and take my bag from the chair which in turn slip from my hand due to my clumsiness. Oops I may have forgotten to zip my bagpack as well because all my books are now messily spread over Shawn's desk.

Wait. Shawn's desk?! 

Crap. I'm screwed.

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