Chapter 1.

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"It's Valentine's day tomorrow!"

"I can barely wait for it!"

"Is he going to ask me out?!"

Blah blah blah and blah.

I have been hearing all these craps along the Lakeside School hallway and I practically face palm myself. I mean come on! Why does this Valentine's day got to be so special about anyway?

I think it's a bit overrated because everyone is faking their supposed, cute relationship on this day. I mean girls from calling their boyfriend 'asshole' will start to call them 'Amore Mio' and boys from 'bitch' to 'babe'.


I've always hated Valentine's Day. To me, it was always such a pointless day. When I was younger, I used to think it was romantic, a day set aside for people to celebrate their love together. Now that I'm older, wait for older means I'm sixteen, not sixty, I realize how stupid that thought was. Every day should be a day to celebrate your love with another, not just on February 14. I must say though the industrial will make huge money on this day with all of those greeting cards, flowers and chocolates.

I keep walking until I reach my locker. I could see one of my best friend, Katie leaning over the locker, while scrolling through her phone. She's wearing a sea blue hoodie with a Donald duck face on it and matched it with a pair of dark jeans. Her strawberry blonde hair was neatly pulled up in a ponytail. Yes, that is Katie guys . She does not care what she wears and how she looks and that is why she's my best friend.

The only thing that is in any way important for us were our personalities and our ambitions. We don't paint our face and we don't wear the slutty dress to impress all of those boys in our school. To be specific enough, we're the brainiac of our school. Moreover, it's always great to stay extra low key as it keeps us away from any sorts of dramas and problems.

I passed by her, open my locker, take out my History books and close it back. God who has created this schedule, anyway? I mean who wants to have World History as their first class early in the morning?

I glance at my best friend who's looking at me with her grey eyes like I was possessed by a ghost.

"I know what is in your mind, Katie. You don't have to give me such a horrific look like that. It's scary."

"Wow, I thought you won't make it up today, Kat! You were freaking out so much yesterday. Remember?" she's basically reminding me about how dense I was yesterday.

Oh, yea, I've forgotten to introduce myself. I'm Katrina. Katrina Wendy Jones. Everyone calls me Kat. So, Katie and I were basically like twins in this school and trust me even the teachers constantly used to make mistakes with our names.

"You want me to go home now, Katie?" I stare boringly at her which eventually makes her laugh her ass off.

"Chill, Kat. It was a joke though and I have a spicy news today!" she says with excitement and I wonder what could be happening now.


"Like seriously? That's how you will react for a hot issue?" she asks me and I nod.

She sighs, "You're such a boring person, Kat. By the way, the ultimate Drake Wilder is planning to ask Queen Bee out for a date. Can you imagine that? She was behind him since freshman year and she finally has him now."

So this is what Katie found to be excited about? Frankly, I'm not surprised by this news at all.

Queen Bee, I mean Jessica Thompson is one of the IT girls in our school. With her beautiful red hair and well-toned body, she has already reserved herself as the next cheerleader captain.

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