Chapter 6.

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It has been a never ending drama with this bastard today and I'm standing right in front of him among the crowds now. Jace is trying to pull me inside but I nudge his hand.

Yes, it's Shawn Harrison, the playmaker leaning against his car with a blonde hair girl where his hands are tenderly snaked around her waist. It should be Stella. Wow, another blondie? Well that's a total of thirty-four blondies he has dated so far in five years.

Yes, I counted his number of dates all the time.

Stella looks a bit similar to me. She has the exact haircut and hair color as mine. The very same dirty blonde hair of medium length haircut with V layers. Thank God that at least her eyes are brown. She looks a bit taller than me making her look skinny.

I turn my attention to Shawn who is looking around the crowds searching for someone. His eyes landed on me and we stare into each other's eyes as if the world has stopped spinning. It is true that eyes are the window to the soul because I could recognize the hatred in his eyes softens when he sees my eyes which are wet with tears. 

Of course the moment didn't last any longer because Jeremy has interrupted him,"Dude, we've been waiting here for almost an hour. You better hurry up with your mystique proposal."

Shawn immediately look away after a quick glance at me. He is now looking at Stella and the crowds.

"So I assume everyone is here. First of all Happy Valentine's Day!" He says and everyone else cheers together with him.

"If you're wondering who is this, it's Stella Maguire and she goes to Westside."

"Oooo go on, dude!" Vince yells in excitement.

"I knew her for quite some time now and she is one incredible girl that I have came across," Shawn says and he went over his car to take a humongous bouquet of roses.

"So, on this special day, I would like to ask this beautiful pearl to be my girlfriend. Stella will you be— ?"

"YES, SHAWN, YES!" Stella shrieks cutting him off and grabs the bouquet from his hand.

Is she being crazy over Shawn or on those bouquet?

Shawn holds her hand and give them a quick kiss which makes everyone to be in awe with his affection toward Stella.

I feel a sting in my heart. It's like my heart is getting ripped out of my chest. Jace is squeezing my hand in an attempt to calm me down. I feel another hand wrapped around my shoulder. Of course it's Katie. She tried to protect me earlier by preventing me from coming here.

"As we both feel like we're on a joyous beyond words for this beautiful relationship, I have decided to throw a party today at my guest house. So everyone of you are welcomed to this party." He says while looking at me and turn his face to kiss Stella. 

They started with a slow kiss at first but it turned out as a huge making up scene due to the cheerings from the crowds.

I'm witnessing this scene again after a year. I can't help but to feel shattered, exhausted and completely broken. Tears are falling from my eyes.

What? No no no no no. I can't show my weaknesses in front of Shawn or anyone else here. I promised to myself that I will get rid of Shawn today and I must do it. I'm going to face him. No more crying. No more running. 

With that I wipe away those falling tears and turn around to see my two best friends who are trying to hold me from getting emotional.

I give them a small smile and grab Katie's hand, "Let's go check the list. Jace you should wait in your car. I'll be there in ten minutes."

Jace nods and go to his car while Katie and I are heading to Mrs Hartley's office in a complete, silent mode. 

"You alright Kat?" Katie asks breaking the silence.

"Yea I'm fine," I say with a smile but it sounds more like a whispering.

We reach Mrs Hartley's office and I could see she have already posted the group list on her notice board. 

I asked Katie to check the list for me as well while I take a sit on the available couch. It has been such a long day and I am beyond tired.

It should take just 1-2 minutes to check the list but she's already staring at the board for almost 5 minutes. Jace is already waiting for me so I have decided to check it by myself.

"Gosh, Katie! You're so slow like a tortoise." Instead of replying me back, she's still staring at those list.

I shake my head thinking of what went wrong with her and started to search for our names. I found Katie's name is in group 3 together with Jace, Mason and a girl named Amanda. Her group members seems to be okay for me. Most of all she has Jace. Then why does she looks unhappy?

Ignoring my thoughts on Katie, I started to search for my name. Well I'm in group 1 which means I and my groupmates must do the class presentation first. Great. Hope I'll get the best members at least and with that I slowly look through the list. 

My mind went off after I saw the list. This is definitely not my lucky day. Now I knew why Katie got tensed earlier. It's because the list states Group 1, Katrina Jones, Macy Young, Matthew Petterson & Shawn Harisson. 

Yes I'm seeing it correctly. The last member in my group is none other than jerky Shawn Harrison.

 The last member in my group is none other than jerky Shawn Harrison

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