Part IV

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I walk into the crowds to see what is going on and I could see a girl with a blonde hair standing in the middle of the crowd. It's one of the popular girl, Sarah. Both of her hands are covering her mouth and her eyeballs looks like it's going to come out anytime soon. In a nutshell, she looks like she just saw a giant rat.

My gaze moves to the direction of what she's looking at and for a second I feel like the world has just stopped spinning.

It'a not a rat that she's looking at. It's Shawn. The very same Shawn Harrisson of mine kneeling down with his right leg while looking at Sarah.

Wait. What did I just said? Mine? No no. That's ridiculous.

"Yes of course Shawn, I will be your girlfriend!" Sarah says and throw herself at Shawn.

I seriously couldn't register what is actually going on here.




Is this really happening?

Wow. Here I was thinking that he might likes me back. How stupid I could be? Screw you, Leo. Screw you for screwing my mind.

"So I'll see you around. I can't skip my classes because I've already bunked them earlier," Shawn says to Sarah who pouts back.

"Alright. See you later, Shawny," Sarah says and kiss him on his cheeck.

Shawny? That's her pet name for her precious boyfriend? Eww. It sounds too girly.

Wait. Did he just said that he bunked his morning class for her? But he told me that he'll be occupied with sister. So it was a lie. Since when he started to tell lies to me?

The crowds started to reduce as they part their ways to their classes while I just stand still at my current position.

Shawn is walking toward his locker. That's where I'm standing at. As soon as our gaze met, his baby blue eyes got widden in shock, I assume. Then, all of sudden those gaze turns cold and he smirks a little while approaching me.

"Kat, how long you've been here?" He asks casually.

"Long enough to witness everything that had happened," I say without removing my gaze from him and he just nod and turn to his locker.

Is he being serious? This is clearly not the Shawn that I know the best.

"How could you?" I ask.

"How could you lie to me? All this while in the morning you were with Sarah and I was being a pathetic worried about you!" I practically scream at him.

"And what's with that relationship things now uh?" I add.

"Look, Kat. I don't have to tell you about everything that is happening around my life," He says with a cold tone.

"Besides, it's called personal for a thing. So it's kinda rude for you to ask me like this, Kat."

"Oh really? Tell me Shawn. Tell me, since when we had a personal matters that we don't share with each other?" I ask while crossing my arms over my chest.

"Since today. By the way, you don't have to act like you never hide anything from me," He says and shut his locker loudly.

I'm really astonished with his attitude today. What is wrong with him?

"Wha-what about me? What d-do you mean? I never hide anything from you, Shawn, " I whisper as I could feel my eyes are being glossy right now.

"Leo," He states nonchalantly.

"Leo?" I asks surprisingly. I don't have any idea on what is he trying to tell me. What does Leo got to do with all of this thing?

"Yes. Leo. You and him have a thing right?" He asks with a such a hatred tone. I could feel venom in his tone.

My heart sinks at his question. How could he think of me like that? Of us? Who is he? What's gotten into him?

He opens his mouth to add some more things into his question but I cut him off by anguishly slapping his face.

His right hand immediately found his cheeck and he looks up to me clearly taken aback from my action.

"Just stop, Shawn!"

"Stop right there. You. Don't. Have. Any. Rights. To. Talk. About. Me. Or. Leo."

"Now you listen to me, Shawn Nicholas Harrisson. You and me. We are done. We are done with everything that we had in between us. You destroyed this friendship for someone else and I will hate you forever for this," I say while crying out loudly.

Shawn just stand in front of me without taking any initiative to apologize. His dimples fades away. His eyes dancing in emotions. He looks defeated yet he is trying so hard to hide those emotions by being like a stone guy.

"Well, goodbye Shawn. Don't you ever try to talk to me again," With a final look into his eyes, I turn and run away from him. Yes I run away from the same Shawn Harrison who I share the most feeling of mine.

I could hear him calling me out but I never stop. I keep running like there is no end to this path. Goodbye Shawn Harrisson.

Flashback Ends.

That's it guys! Mystery unrevealed

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That's it guys! Mystery unrevealed. But not all of them. One at a time though 😏

So what do you guys think of this chapter? It's a bit emotional right? And what's the sudden change in Shawn's attitude? Any idea? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Till next Friday guys!! ✌

Till next Friday guys!! ✌

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