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Queen Of His Heart by IntrovertedJEM
Queen Of His Heartby 💎
Every wolf is born with a mate. A mate civilizes the carnal wolf deep within. A mate forms the connection between man and wolf. The longer a wolf lives without their mat...
  • kingalpha
  • alphaking
  • twilight
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Transformation by Jamie_Swift
Transformationby Jamie Swift
Veronica Morris is a typical girl growing up in the 50s. She doesn't have any close friends until flattened by the school bully in second grade.The new girl, Annette Ric...
  • mystery
  • fitness
  • 1960
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Irresistible Attraction  by sharmishtha24
Irresistible Attraction by Sharmishtha Nath
Alexander Rivera, CEO of River Corp. Handsome , cocky , player are just some of the used to describe him . Ruthless as the CEO. But can be sweet for his loved ones. ...
  • happy
  • newyork
  • featured
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Live With Joy by guitarnotes
Live With Joyby Sarah Montsinger 😃
Joy. We need more of it. Constantly. Inside are a few original poems celebrating Joy, happiness, love, and all sorts of other things. What's the meaning of life? I'm no...
  • midnight
  • hopeful
  • soulful
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Fallen Angel✔| Ayato Kirishima X Reader BOOK 1 by ThyatiraKaupa
Fallen Angel✔| Ayato Kirishima X R...by ThyatiraKaupa
You're the only human worth saving-Ayato Kirishima _ Ayato hated the humans with a burning passion. They ripped away his father from him, they all deserved to die. That...
  • toukakirishima
  • haise
  • ayatokirishima
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Poems of the Atmos by Naan2015
Poems of the Atmosby Naan2015
Random thoughts from different moments on various things for infinite reasons. Best Rankings so far: - 22nd May, 2019: 1/8.62k stories in #philosophy - 22 May, 2019: 8/7...
  • work
  • otaku
  • philosophy
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To Slow a Treacherous Heart ✓ | Editing by thedrowningfishi
To Slow a Treacherous Heart ✓ | Ed...by Hishma Rizqi
❝I'm sorry Ryan. But I will never love the face of my parents killer. Never again.❞ ❝You can't, or you won't?❞ {Book I of The Heart Series} *** Queen Bee M...
  • fear
  • mystery
  • maybellesummers
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Dragon Son's Apprentice by GooseAndMaverick
Dragon Son's Apprenticeby Jess & Sarah
♛Blue Rose Awards 3rd place, Best Historical Fiction, Winner♛ 𝕬ksana Kastel, a young royal guard in the Moldova court, spends most of her time savoring the freedom and...
  • featured
  • royalfamily
  • ewa2019
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Hello Dolly by VBear94
Hello Dollyby Valeria
• Former Wattpad Featured Story • When 16 year-old Daisy takes her little sister Lori to the old antique store downtown for her birthday, she pays no attention to the ol...
  • death
  • haunted
  • horror
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The Darkest Target (WINNER OF THE 2018 FICTION AWARDS) by ReeReverie
The Darkest Target (WINNER OF THE...by Maria Crawford
  • multimedia
  • archery
  • deaf
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Requiem for a Soldier by ellelawrence
Requiem for a Soldierby Ellie Lawrence
A disfigured veteran hiding from the world and the young woman who found him. |#1 in YA ~ January & February 2019 | #1 in Latina ~ February 2019 | #1 in PTSD ~ April 20...
  • beautyandthebeast
  • slowburn
  • ptsd
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Yuugen- The Pentagon of Cozeal (Book 1) by PSPhoebe123
Yuugen- The Pentagon of Cozeal (Bo...by PSPhoebe123
Aroha's life is far from 'ordinary' in the true sense, although in many ways, it still is. A loving single Mom, a handful of friends and the exhausting job of a Medical...
  • thediscoawards
  • dreamersof19
  • flavorful
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Timeless Rhapsody (Bakugou x Uraraka AU) by Ms_UwU
Timeless Rhapsody (Bakugou x Urara...by C
Ochaco...ocho...8...a vertical infinity sign. 8 is the number of days it took for me to realize I was into her in high school, but infinity is the amount of time I plan...
  • shinsouxuraraka
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • bakugoxuraraka
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Maatanga Hill by Sim-AntinI
Maatanga Hillby Deirbhile
Nina Jones' life revolves around the ruins of Hampi. She is the youngest, most inexperienced and underqualified member of an international team of experts working on a...
  • india
  • poc
  • immortals
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♛Like Day and Night♛ (Jikook) [[COMPLETED]] by FuyuRain
♛Like Day and Night♛ (Jikook) [[CO...by ♛Jikook'sNeverland♛
❝Ya Park Jimin! Why are you s-stripping?!❞ ❝Can you not make it sound as if I'm not wearing anything? It's just my upper body, geez.❞ ❝Even so! Can you wear your shirt...
  • bottomjimin
  • jungkook
  • jikook
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Potterella •drarry•  ✔ by girlyoudunno
Potterella •drarry• ✔by Ruby✨
He has everything he could possibly ever want... Prince Draco Malfoy, heir to the throne of Slytherin, has everything. He's handsome, surrounded by fawning subjects and...
  • fantasy
  • shortstory
  • hogwarts
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Run To You | Pietro Maximoff [1] ✓ by allyyargent
Run To You | Pietro Maximoff [1] ✓by allyyargent
ʀᴜɴ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ | "I never really enjoyed running, so forgive me if I role my eyes at your speed because Maximoff, you're not that impressive." LOST SOULS SERIES |...
  • maximoff
  • ironman
  • wanda
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Love starts after Nikkah by I-m-laiba
Love starts after Nikkahby I-m-laiba
Every girl, whether she is confident or not, at time of nikkah, become hesitated to say yes. The feeling that your sir name is going to change and you are giving your li...
  • family
  • nikkah
  • muslimlovestory
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This is the normal cliché but with lots of plot twists and secrets. And if you have read GONE and here no more, you know that I am full of them. In the 19th century, eve...
  • bestchoiceaward
  • fruitawards2018
  • love
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"Florante and Larry and The Last Days of Summer" (UPDATED DAILY) by DannBritts
"Florante and Larry and The Last D...by Dann Brixton
Book Blurb: An upbeat Filipino-American teenager struggling to reconnect with his Filipino roots develops a special friendship to an anti-social high school student who...
  • wattyawards
  • teenromance
  • boyxboy
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