Chapter 2.

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Sitting in the front row of the classroom, the only question that is running in my jellyfish mind is that, where am I actually right now?

Yes, I admit that I have an Einstein brain but my surroundings are truly making me seem so stupid.

In case if you have no idea on what am I talking about, it's February 14 today. Yes the Valentine's Day is finally here. I feel like I'm sitting in the middle of a Valentine themed park because all I can see is red, red, red, red, red. Everyone is wearing red!

Of course I'm an exception here. I'm just wearing a simple black tee with a caption that reads 'NUMB' and matched it with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. Well, don't ask me about Katie because she's also wearing a red shirt. Apparently, her community leader has requested the members to be in red today.

Seriously who came up with this obnoxious idea?

Anyway, I feel much more better and confident today after my talks with Kathy yesterday about getting over my feelings. I'm doing it for real. Come on Katrina, you can do this. 

"So I'm going to split all of you into a group of four for the final two assignments. Please do remember that you will stick to the same group for both of them," Mrs Hartley, our Biology teacher is giving a short briefing about the assignments. 

"I will post the group list on the notice board in front of my office by 5 pm today. Please check it by yourself later."

"Damn I don't like to work in a group. Kat, let's hope that we both will end up in a same group," Katie whines at me.

"No Katie, I don't think she will ever put us together in a same group and I bet you know why," I say while jotting down the points for the assignment and Katie pouts.

Mrs Hartley is the new teacher who just joined this school last year. Being a newbie is difficult because she could not remember certain students' names mainly mine and Katie's. She once put us together in a same group for the first assignment and ended up mistakenly key in our presentation marks due to our names. This has caused a riot because I could not see myself getting such a low mark.

Katie is good in studies but when it comes to a presentation she's a bundle of nerves. She basically screwed up during the Q&A session which earned her a 10 out of 30 marks. On contrary, I got myself a 27. So tell me whether I could play it cool when our marks got switched. That definitely is not our mistake. Mrs Hartley is solely responsible for that as she should have paid some serious attention to our names during the presentation.

So, since that incident, Mrs Hartley and also other teachers decided to never ever put us together in a same group. 

"The first assignment would be about the components of plant cells. I leave it to you on how you want to do it as long as the works are completed by the due date which will be 1 month time from today. And-" she was interrupted by something or more specifically by someone.

"Oops, hello Mrs Hartley.." well who do you think it is? It's none other than Shawn Harrison stumbling at the entrance of the classroom.

Shawn Nicholas Harrison is the Greek God of our junior year. He should be 6'4 at least with a trim build body, not overly muscular. His dark brown hair swept across his forehead making his baby blue eyes to stand out through his gaze. Not forgetting his cute dimples of course which would make any girl swooning over him.

He's wearing a plain white t shirt underneath his black leather jacket and he matched them with a pair of black ripped jeans. Not forgetting his signature black retro combat boots with yellow laces.


Maybe he is attractive physically but character wise? No. He's such a man whore who has a different girlfriend for every month.

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