Chapter 7.

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My car ride home with Jace after school is extremely silent. The song 21 Guns by Green Day is playing in the radio in a lower volume.

It has seriously been such a lengthy day. I still couldn't register on what had happened today right from Stella's introduction along with Shawn's proposal to her and me being in a same group with that jerk for the Biology assignment.

Also, I could see from the corner of my eyes that Jace 's face is holding too much of rage on me. I can't blame him though because I know everything is my fault. I should have listen to him and Katie and just stay inside the school but I didn't.

Seriously, why do I have to be so stubborn as a mule?

Jace furiously shut down the radio and now even the small sound of song has stopped.

Get ready guys because in three, two, one —

"So this is why you asked about Stella, right?"

"Wha—what do you mean by that?" I ask dumbfoundedly.

"Don't play fool with me, Kat. You know what I mean!"

Trust me guys that angry Jace is not the guy you would want to deal with.

"You asked me about her earlier after our PE class. Remember?" He asks while pressing the word 'remember'.

Great. I totally forgot about my stupid investigation about Stella. Jace and Katie are so going to roast me for this one.

"I...I just heard people were talking about her. That's it and I have no idea she had a connection with Shawn," I try to cover up but based on his facial expression I could say that I'm getting into more trouble by lying at him.

"I need truth not lies," he says while shaking his head.

"Okay fine. I'll tell you but please don't tell Katie. She will kill me for this."

Yes, Jace is more of an understanding and calm person than Katie. Katie is overly protective about me so she used to loss her mind whenever I had to deal with Shawn.

He think for a minute but eventually agreed not to tell her and I am more than relieved.

So I ended up telling him everything that had happened in Chemistry class. Jace was taken aback when I told him that I attacked Shawn until he couldn't say a word.

"That's a lot of shit happened today and you decided to bury all that to yourself?" He asks in disbelief.

I could see dissapointment on his face when he ask me that. Like I said Jace and Katie are like my second parents who simply love and care for me and they always wanted to make sure that I'm not facing my problems all alone by myself.

"I don't want you and Katie to be worried about me though."

"We are worried because we care about you and we don't want you to get hurt especially because of Shawn."

I smile looking at him. I don't know what I did to deserve such an angelic friends who never gets tired dealing with my stubborn head and my nonsense problems. Seriously what would I do without these two people in my life?

"Anyway I still can't believe you could make Shawn speechless. I mean you can face him bravely when—"

"When he's not around a girl who supposed to be his girlfriend. Yea I know that, Jace," I say continuing his unfinished sentence.

"You should try to overcome with this kind of situation and please don't you ever try to hide anything after this. Not to me at least."

"I will not. Thanks Jace for always being there for me."

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