Part II

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This is what is written on the maroon brick of the school wall. This school's mascot is a lion and the motto is 'Tibi Seris, Tibi Metis" which means As You Sow, So Shall You Reap. The school is really in the middle of the city, when driving by, it might just look like a large school. It's in the middle of a residential area, but the school is very attractive and appealing to the eye with the combination color of maroon and gold. Well, here goes to my brand new school.

My dad get me checked in the school after talking to the principal and now I'm standing right in front of my classroom.

"Honey, I know you will do well on your first day. Just try to make some friends. Most importantly, don't be afraid of anyone. Okay?" My dad says and kisses me on my forehead.

"Sure, daddy. I will. See you later after school," I reply and kiss him back on his cheeck.

With that my dad left me in front of my classroom and I make myself toward the door.

The classroom is filled with strangers and I could see there's a female teacher having a subject introduction session with the students.

I knock the door and shyly introduced myself as the new student, "Hello. I'm Katrina Jones. I'm a new student here."

"Welcome to Lakeside Middle School, Katrina. I'm Mrs. Lou, your English teacher. Class ? Please warmly welcome your new classmate."

As the class welcomes me, I look around to find myself a seat after Mrs Lou introduced me. My big green eyes immediately set at the only empty spot available at the front row of the classroom and without noticing any other students I walk toward that place to take my seat.

As soon as I feel comfortable with the place, I places my bag on the floor and take out some notebooks followed by my pink barbie doll themed pencil case.


I hate pink and barbies. Blame my mom for buying me such a girlish stuff because apparently, she wanted to treat me like a princess. I love my mom more than anything but I am more of a Marvel fan than a barbie.

Just at the very moment I heard a small chuckle coming from my left side. That is when realization hits me hard. Someone is sitting right beside me and I didn't even acknowledged that person earlier! How rude I could be. That's it. I won't be able to make any friends here as I just created an atrocious first impression.

I turn my head slowly to my left to greet that person and my heart literally stops.

It's a baby blue eyed boy. He has a soft dark brown hair and cute dimples. Have I ever mentioned how awkward I could be aroud boys? I can't even speak clearly with them.

He frowns at me and looks directly into my eyes. We both stare at each other, unable to speak a word. I will admit that I have traditionally not been comfortable with eye contact. It used to feel prolonged and strange. I’m sure it was only a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity.

Part of this is because I'm an introvert. I always struggle with feeling shy when I’m meeting new people.

But this is different. I don't feel shy or feel any awkward. I feel connection. Yes, it's like I knew this boy for a very long time and those gorgeous pair of blue eyes just pulling my green eyes like a magnet.

I guess I have to make the first move.

Shifting my gaze from his eyes, I introduce myself while holding out my hand, "Urrm, hi, I'm Katrina. Nice to meet you. What's your name?"

He smiles a little returning my gesture, "Shawn. Nice to meet you too, Kat."

Shawn. His name suits him perfectly.

Wait. What? Did he just called me Kat? But how did he know my nickname?

"How did you know my nickname?"

"A little guess?" he says while shrugging his shoulder. He continues, "By the way, nice pencil case. I could see how much you love it."

"Seriously Shawn?! Teasing me on the first day itself?"

"Oops. Sorry Miss Kat."

We both laugh at each other and return to focus with the class. I can't believe this boy. Maybe we could be a great friends as I don't feel awkward with him at all. 

Holaaa my lovely readers! So here it is the 2nd part of the flashback

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Holaaa my lovely readers! So here it is the 2nd part of the flashback. I know it's a short chapter but I truly believe that you guys enjoyed reading the first conversation between Shawn and Kat. More to come though!

So far which side you guys are on? Shawn or Kat?

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