Chapter 10.

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Beep Beep Beep

Beep Beep Beep

Beep Beep Beep

"Ugh, silence please!"

This horrible sound could only belongs to my alarm. Yes, you know how does this beeping ring sounds like? It is so high pitched until I can go deaf.

I groan to myself and reach for the alarm clock and turn it off with my eyes still closed.

I believe that the time should be above 9 A.M. now because I could feel the warmth of the sun shining through the window, warming my face. I slowly open my eyes and yawn as my eyes focuses on the sunlight shining in my bedroom through the white lace curtain.

Damn, my sensitivity is so great that my eyes still hurt for this slightest sunlight in my bedroom. I blink my eyes and get up from the heaven. Don't be surprised please because I actually referred my bed as heaven.

I grab my phone from the study table beside my bed. It's 9.15 A.M. See, I guessed it correctly and yes I did bunked the school today after had a serious battle with my mind.

And with my parents of course.

After talking with Katie yesterday, I went through my homeworks and prepare a project schedules before I could decide whether to attend the school or not. Call me an OCD but I just wanted to be organized and I don't want to miss out any of my classes. In case if I have to, I need to make sure that I can catch up with my works.

So right after deciding to bunk the school, I sent a text to Katie and Jace and went took bath before I could join my family for the dinner.

Since my parents are always busy, we all used to have discussions during our dinner. It has became sort of like a tradition for us. So in the middle of our dinner, I told them that I don't want to attend the school tomorrow because I'm not feeling well. Of course I had to lie over there.

If you were expecting my parents to immediately say, 'Sure honey, take rest as much as you want,' then you are so wrong about it.

I had to go through a serious interrogation with them. Can you imagine that? My dad, Mr. Steven Jones and my mother, Mrs. Gillian Jones literally played the role of a FBI agents just to investigate thousand times the reason why I'm refusing to go to school tomorrow.

I know it sounds crazy but this is how my parents are. They have to always make sure that everything is going on track in both of their children's life mainly on mine. Anyway back to the situation, somehow after about one hour I managed to convince my parents that I'm really not feeling well and that I'm having a migraine and needed a day off from school. Without any choice, they have agreed to let me stay at home but with a condition that I have to see Dr. Richard, our family doctor today for a check up.

That's basically the whole story of me getting a permission from my parents to bunk the school and my mother has informed the school pricipal that I will be on a sick leave today.

Without wasting any time, I put away my phone and walk toward the wooden antique rectangle shaped mirror facing the bed. Still feeling sleepy, I rub my eyes with both hands and check out my face in the mirror.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful person in this world?

Well, at the moment, it is definitely not me. I still have a blanket face! My eyes are all droopy and I look like a patient who has just been discharged from the hospital.

As I stare into the mirror, I started to analyze the image of my own reflection on the mirror. My face, it's soft with rosy complexion. My eyes, they are large and bright in green. My thin lips are frowning and my hair... they are medium length straight layered dirty blonde which has a V-cut.

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