Chapter 3.

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As far as I know no one sits next to me in this class. I lazily open my eyes and look beside me just to find one of Shawn's friend Mason playing with my AirPod. Great. Why is he sitting with me?

My eyes boring into him gesturing to return my ear buds back to me. He smirks and shake his head indicating he won't return it. Is he serious?

"Down in the dumps, Kat?"

"What?" I ask dumbfoundedly.

"Come on, I remember you listening to Lady Gaga when you're feeling dejected."

"Yea you do," I say while rolling my eyes.

For a moment he stares at me in disbelief and reply, "Excuse me? For your information, you're the one who stopped talking to me for whatever reason that I still have no idea about."

Okay, Mason and I were good friends during our freshman year. We used to study together along with Jace and Katie in library but things completely changed when he started to hang out with Shawn. We, well I have naturally stopped talking to him after that.

It's not because he's being close with Shawn. It's just that I wanted to avoid everything that would remind me of Shawn. After all, Mason doesn't know about the past between Shawn and I. That's why he were blank on why I have stopped talking to him.

"Earth to Katrina!" Mason shouts


"You were zoning out. By the way, there's no hello for your new neighbour and an old friend?" He ask while rising his right eyebrow.

"New neighbour? And yea hello." I reply with confusions striking in my brain right now. He always sit with Shawn so why is he saying that I'm his new neighbour?

"Yeppp, I'm your new neighbour. If you didn't notice, Dylan is back to school and he's sitting with Shawn." Mason said gesturing me to look at my back.

I turn my back around and all I can see is a nightmare. Are you kidding me? Shawn and Dylan is sitting right behind us followed by his other friends, Jeremy and Vince. Seriously what is so wrong with this people? They used to sit at the back of the class for every single subject.

Dylan waves his hand to me saying hi and I return his gesture with a small smile. He's the only gentleman in Shawn's circle of friends. He was away with the student exchange programme for a year in Canada.

"Hey there, Dylan. How are you?"

"Never felt good like this before. How have you been doing?" He ask and Shawn snorts.


"I've actually been doing great."

"Really? Well, glad to hear that Katrina."

He continued our conversation by telling me about the exchange programme and the surroundings in Canada. I could tell he truly enjoyed the programme because he can't stop talking about it.

Shawn seems to be bored of our conversation. He keep rolling his eyes and snaped at Dylan, "Are you just going to talk to her only? Am I looking invisible to you?"

"Shawn-" he says but I cut him off.

"I think you should pay attention to your possessive friend. Talk to you later, Dylan," I say calmly and everyone's eyes there are staring at me in shock except Dylan who just burst into laughter. He grab Shawn by his shoulder and shake them as he can't stop laughing. I look at Shawn who is already sending me a serious death glare. Seriously? He is acting like I was the one who hurt him in the past! Has he forgotten what he had done to me?

That's it. I'm done hiding from this jerk. I sent him back an evil glare which caught him completely off guard. Oh boy, the look on his face. It's priceless! I wish I could take a picture of him right now.

"Didn't expect that from me isn't it? Next time remember to never wake a sleeping tiger," I hissed and turn around.

"Woah! She's feisty. I like her," I could hear Dylan praising me to which evryone agrees except Shawn.

Trust me I myself completely stunned with my sudden bravery attempt toward Shawn. This is the first time I'm speaking to Shawn after five years.

I look at Mason who's still playing with my AirPods, "Can you give me back my thing, please?" I ask and snatch it from his hand.

"Gee, easy there Kat!" He says but I ignored him.

Finally, Mr. Hudson, our Chemistry sir has arrived after almost 15 minutes. He's in his late 50's so he used to walk extremely slow.

"Good Morning class. We're going to learn about acids and bases today," he says while writing some craps on the whiteboard.

Acids and bases? I despise this topic.


I mentally groan to myself that this is going to be one hell of a period. Not forgetting, I am literally stucked with a bunch of Orang-Utans as well.

Yes. I'm referring to Shawn and his friends.

 I'm referring to Shawn and his friends

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Well everyone assumed it was Shawn. Sorry to dissapoint you guys!🙊
Sigh- I know this is a short chapter and there is still no clue about Kat-Shawn's past but I promise they are coming very soon. Just bare with me guys! Please make me smile by clicking the little VOTE button to the left of your screen! Comment your suggestions and predictions on those little flashbacks! Till next Friday ❤

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