Chapter 9.

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Well it was a pretty long flashback, I guess. At least now you guys have an insight about what had happened between us.

Since that horrible day, both Shawn and I have been avoiding each other for almost 5 years. Unintentionally, he never missed his chances to hurt me with his monthly hookups especially on every Valentine's Day.

He was not aware of my feelings towards him so he never knew how much does it hurts for me to see him with a different girl each month.

Talking about my feelings, I realized that I like Shawn more than just a friend. It was during our freshman year where we both attended our first high school Halloween Party. I was dressed in a cute Catwoman costume and he was in a dracula suits. He was looking for his girlfriend and when I noticed he was making his way to the place I was standing at, I had quickly turned around so that he don't see me.

I did that to avoid him but it turned out to be the dumbest decision I have ever made in my life. Why? Because the next thing I felt was two arms were wrapped around my waist and I was pulled into a tight back hug. I immediately frozed not because of the hug, because it was Shawn. Shawn was hugging me from behind! My mind went blank and I started to feel butterflies in my stomach. Somehow I felt overjoyed because Shawn was back to me and I thought he would apologize for what he did to me. However, being the unlucky girl as always, my wish and thoughts were shaterred when I heard his girlfriend were calling him from his back. He let go of me and apologized with a cocky tone for the mistake. Of course he had mistaken me for his girlfriend. We had the same type of curly dirty blonde hair. Luckily he didn't knew it was me who he hugged and I was really relieved for that.

Since that day my whole brain was chanting over his name as I could not get him out of my mind. That's when I realized that I like him more than a friend. As days was going on, I started to have a strong feelings on him although I know it won't be reciprocated.

Last year he went an extra mile to hurt me. Throughout this five years, that was the most disgusting thing that he has ever done. He picked yet another blonde hair girl from fresman year for his Valentine's day date. Don't ask me why because I myself seriously have no idea why he's so obsessed with blondies. Of course I'm an exception. I vaguely remember her name, it's either Judy or Julie. Well, her name is not that important and I don't care to remember it.

As I've mentioned before, Shawn has this pride attitude and always wanted to stand out the most in the crowd so he used to propose all the girls he wanted at the cafeteria during our lunch. He did the same with Judy or Julie but it was a bit overrated. After she said yes to him, he basically carried her so that she could wrap her legs around his waist and they started to eat each others face. You know what I mean right? Yes, they were kissing each other with their lips without noticing the crowds at all.

Everyone in the cafeteria were cheering for them except me.

I stood there with tears in my eyes feeling hurt and disgusting at the same time. Without wasting anymore time, I sprinted to the girls toilet. Katie who were cheering for them noticed that and followed me. She had no idea about Shawn and I that time because she just joined Lakeside in Freshman year together with Jace. As soon as I reach the toilet I started to puke all over the places. I could not handle my tears and started to cry as well.

Katie was the one who helped me to calm myself down and brought me home with Jace as per my request. That night, I ended up telling them everything about Shawn and I right from how I met him till how we got seperated. Of course I did left out the thing that happened in Freshman Halloween Party because I know how bad they will scold me.

So, since that day both Katie and Jace has been overly protective about me. This is why they were worried about me earlier about getting involved with Shawn. Because they know that he will be doing his job as usual.

Talking about Katie, wait.. how could I? Damn! I forgot to call her after reach home. Jace even reminded me about this.

I grab my phone from the study table beside my bed and dialled Katie's number. Gosh I hope she's not mad at me.

"Kat? Jesus! What took you so long to call me? I was sicking worried about you!" She yelled at me through the phone. I could imagine her fierce face though.

"I'm so sorry Katie. I-I fall asleep as soon as I get back home. I wanted to call you but I was too tired," I practically lie at her.

"Okay. You really need an enough sleep, Kat. Just forget about all those shits that happened today and give your brain some relaxation. If you want, take a day off tomorrow. I'll help you to take the homeworks for you. Afterall it's Friday so I bet there won't be much lesson carried out tomorrow," she says brightening up my mood.

"Sure, Katie. Thanks. I'll think about it. Bye."

"Bye Kat."

Talking with Katie really helps to release my pent-up feelings. At least I feel much better now.

I keep away both my phone and laptop so that my bed are empty for me to have a nice and deep sleep before my dinner but something is really bothering my mind.

Only one question that is running through my mind right now which is...

Should I go to school tomorrow or should I bunk it?

Heyyy everyone! So here it is Chapter 9 hope you had fun reading it

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Heyyy everyone! So here it is Chapter 9 hope you had fun reading it. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below ❤

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 And and and Don't Forget to VOTE if you like this chapter ❤

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