Part I

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                        Six years ago

"Kat! Daddy's home. Come down for dinner now honey," I could hear my mom calling me from downstairs.

"Coming, mommy!" I reply and neatly keep away my homeworks that has been completed inside my school bag.

As soon as I reach the dining room at downstairs, I immediately frown and feel that this is going to be one hell of a dinner.

Why? Because I see my dad, mom and my little brother, Brian are all seated at their place and I guess that the only thing they were waiting for was for my arrival.

That is unusual. Rare. Something is up for today. Believe me that the last time I came across this type of situation during dinner was when my dad got a job promotion and had to move to Germany for six months.

I let out a big sigh as I approach the dining table and take my seat beside my dad.

"So, I assume we're having a family talk?" I ask while serving my plate with the juicy steak and salads.

My mom nods and point her head toward my dad who chuckles while taking his drink.

"Kat, your mom and I always knew that you're somewhat mature and intelligent at the age of ten itself and you are capable of figuring things out by your own. We are extremely proud of you for that."

I nod in response. Yes, I don't really behave like I'm ten because of my maturity level that is equivalent to a thirteen years old kid. Well, just because I have a high maturity, it doesnt mean that I don't have a perfect childhood. It's just that I know how to distinguish between good things and bad things.

"So," my dad continues and I can feel butterflies in my stomach.

"Honey, your dad really worked hard for what he has achieved today and this is the moment where we all need to support him as a family." This time it was my mom who decided to speak out and I shift my gaze toward her to see her smiling.

Okay. I admit that I don't feel good about this. Yea, I'm happy for my dad but I don't want him to leave us again.

My dad seems to notice that I'm nervous so he places his hand on my hand, "Kat, daddy got the opportunity to be the head of managers at one of the branch of the company I work for."

Exactly as I thought. He's going to leave us again. I don't know whether I should be proud of him for his achievement or be mad at him.

"Wow, That's great! I'm happy for you daddy. This means a lot for you and us. Congratulations!" I say and hug him. The only emotions I can feel right now is fear and a little happiness.

"Thank you, sweetie," He says and squeeze me with his hug.

"Which branch you're moving to this time, daddy?" I ask as I get myself back from the hug.

He shrugs and reply, "'s Seattle branch, sweety."

My heart litterally stopped at this moment. Seattle, Washington?! It's about 4417 miles away from England!

Note the intelligence.

"Daddy..." I start saying with glossy eyes but he stopped me only to interrupt with another horific announcement.

"Kat, dear, I know what are you worried about. I'm not leaving my family this time. This offer I got is permenant for my lifetime unlike the six months contract agreement I got for Germany branch. So, we all will be flying to Seattle next week. We are getting settled there."

That's it. The biggest bomb shell has dropped. I am speechless. A part of me feel like I'm jumping over the moon and another part of me feel like I'm leaving my life here. England is my home. This is where I have grown up and I feel so connected here.

What am I suppose to do?

"Are you not happy with that, honey? I mean we do understand that you had your childhood here but it's time to get a new exposure for all of us," my mom says with a worried tone as she notices my uneasy expression.

I know I should not be selfish at this point. This is for my family so I smile while accepting their decision.

"No, mommy. I was just digesting the news in my brain and guess what? I'm more than excited to move to Seattle and to a brand new school that is awaiting me," I exclaim while stuffing the delicious steak into my mouth and everyone of us shared a big happy laugh.

Only if I knew what was awaiting me in Seattle.

Only if I knew what was awaiting me in Seattle

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