Chapter 23

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Rose's pov

I stood in front of the mirror and took a deep breath. This was my first day training. I was not only going to be taught to fight on my wolf form but also in my human form. I had my fighting gear on which the maids had provided me with in the morning. I hoped I would be one of the best fighters if the pack just like my dad. I knew there was a long way to go but i was ready for it. I heard a knock on my door and saw lavender standing over there smiling. 'Ready to go, miss Rose.' I laughed and nodded. I could see that Dean and Alexander had already left for their training. We had separate sections in the pack for males and females to train. When I went over to the female section. I put on my fighting gear and began training. Let me tell you, it was amazing! I transformed into my wolf for the first time in many years and lily was thrilled. I still had to practice a lot because I was a beginner but the instructer said that I was doing quite well even if it was my first day. But the one thing I liked the most was being with lavender. I was glad that she was Dean's mate and had come to the pack with me. Being with her the training was a bit easier. I sweated a lot and was also very tired but still in high spirits. I was laughing and smiling while walking out of the changing room. I looked around and saw everyone bowing down to us as we were the alpha and beta's mates. But there was one person specifically glaring at us. It was none other than Sabrina. She was bowing down as well but at the same time had a look of disgust on her face. I was not surprised at all, she wanted to be Alexander's mate all her life, before I had left the pack she had already declared herself as the luna of the pack. She always hated me so it was not a surprise to see a scowl on her face. 'That is Sabrina, isn't it?' lavender suddenly asked me. 'How do you know?' 'Yeah, well she is my mate's sister but no one pack really likes her. Dean told me that after you left she tried to seduce alexander and he was really angry with her. He warned her to not come near him again. She tried her best even after that but he rejected every single one of her advances. She actually thought you were never coming back but you did and so right now she is extremely jealous as well as angry but she can't do anything about that. When I met her I tried to be nice with her because even if Dean hates her she is still his sister but she called me a daughter of filthy rogues.' lavender said with a scowl on her face. She hated anyone who talked bad about her parents. She would have beaten up her up if she was not dean's sister. I ignored Sabrina's glares and walked ahead towards the exit. 

As I walked away I saw the previous luna talking to some people. The thing I found curious about her was that she didn't have the aura of an luna while our old alpha still had his alpha voice as well as his aura while our luna just looked like a normal werewolf. Even her wolf's size was not as big as a luna's is. I thought I should ask someone about this. When we reached the pack house I saw Dean just coming back from his training as well. Alexander was still training. We all quickly freshened up and lavender left to visit her parents as they had called her.

Dean was sitting next to me on the couch relaxing a bit because lunch would be served soon and immedietly after that he had to go and work with Alexander regarding pack matters in his office. He was surfing through the channels on the TV when I suddenly asked him, 'Dean, is it okay if I talk about something or rather ask something?' Go ahead Rose. Don't ask for my permission.' I asked him a out our luna and his face suddenly went blank. But his eyes suddenly showed a tint of sadness.'Rose, do you really want to hear this?' he asked and I nodded. 'Well, the reason you think like this about the old luna is because she is not the real luna, Rose. She..... She died, on the same night and in the same attack in which your parents did.' I gasped. What was Dean talking about? The real luna, Alexander's mother died! Along with my parents! I was shocked. 'How?....... Why?' I whispered. 'Rose, the pack was already having a rogue problem before they died so no one was allowed to cross the pack boundaries for weeks but one night the alpha lost his cool and killed all of them.... Well nearly all of them, five wolves escaped the attack and decided to take a revenge on our pack. Especially the leader of all the rogues whose name was Mason. So, that night when the alpha had gone hunting into the forest with most of the warriors, very few of them and your dad stayed behind. So, that night you do when your parents were taking a walk he suddenly attacked along with the rest of his gang. Your dad fought very bravely, but only him and two warriors were not enough and they got killed. As soon as the luna heard about this she rushed to the rescue from the pack and saved you. She fought bravely and got a lot of injuries  and also managed the severely injure Mason and by that time the alpha got there as well and helped in killing many rogues but Mason got away that time as well. And also........ The saddest part was that o-our luna succumbed to her injuries. She did not survive rose.' he said in a cracked voice as he was fighting back tears. He was obviously very close to our luna. 'But what about the luna I saw all the time while growing up.' 'Her entire pack died in a rogue attack as well. She was the beta' s daughter and the only survivor. The council asked our alpha to mark the land as his as they as they needed an alpha and also to marry her to strengthen the bond between him and the remaining survivors of her pack who were mostly a few warriors, she wolfs and omegas. The alpha did marry her and Alexander did accept her as well but he never really mated with her or marked her so she just remained like that because she had lost her mate as well in her pack's attack. They were the alpha and luna Rose, but they were never really mates. She did try to blend in but after all she was not the real luna. This was the reason Rose why the pack desperately tried to Alexander's mate and waited for her because they wanted one.' he said.'This was reason why the alpha treated me coldly.' I asked him. 'He didn't mean to Rose. It's just that every single time he looked at you he remembered his wife. Her death and his daughter.' 'His daughter?' I asked shocked. Dean gulped and said nothing. 'Please tell me Dean, what about his daughter. He didn't have one right.' I asked in a shocked voice. 'the.... The luna was pregnant rose. With a girl when she died.' he said a sad and quite voice and I felt like crying. I really didn't know how to react. The alpha had gone through so much. He lost his mate and his unborn pup. Usually alphas loose their sanity in cases like these but despite that our alpha carried on. I felt a tear escape my eye. I looked at Dean who looked sad as well. 'I should have never told you this Rose.' 'it's alright Dean. I had to know.' He was about to say something when he suddenly kept quiet because Alexander entered the room. He smiled at me and simply left upstairs to get frehened up after his training. 'Thank you Dean.' I said and left. The information I had got right now was too much for me to process.

That night I was not the only one who had lost someone precious. In a few day the death anniversary of my parents was there. And I knew that along with paying respects to them I had to pay respects to someone else as well. The luna. The luna who had saved me. Alexander's mother.

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