How they are sick

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- Cuddle Bug
- He is cautious though because he doesn't want his girl sick
- If you open up a can of soup and make it for him he acts like it's an Oscar
- He wants to kiss you constantly but he won't
- He is only ever sick for a two or three days

- He turns the age he looks
- He has you get him everything
- He acts like he is dying
- The most whiny, clingy, and desperate person ever
- Could care less of you got sick because he'll take care of you

- Klaus got sick from licking a pole which you told him not to do
- So why you took care of him you complained every step of the way
- He took a bath like every hour
- he tried to put drugs in his soup
- You were careful with giving drugs to him

- A big old baby
- puppy dog eyes for days
- coughs are like the force of a thousand winds
- sneezes are like puppies
- He slept like 88 million hours

- Vanya likes to pretend she is not sick for days
- You have to force her to accept the fact she is sick
- She hates that you are doing everything for you
- She tried to make her own soup
- you deny her from even trying

- Allison denies she gets sick
- When she does she acts like death is upon her
- Makes you do unnecessary things for her
- Extra AF even sick
- Only movies you hate

- Baby boi vibes strong
- He just wants cuddles
- and soup
- and Grace
- and sleep

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