The Devil's bubbly friend (Five x OC)

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     Most kids have an imaginary friend at some point and time in their life, I had the devil.  Most moms don't expect their little girls to tell them they are talking to the devil when they ask them who they are talking to.  Don't ask how or why but I am buds with the devil.  Now don't think I'm some satanist emo.  I am actually a glass half full gal.  I have been told I'm bubbly, nice, and sweet not exactly devils advocate.  I've grown to deal with the devil and we have gotten close over time.  Especially due to the fact he can possess me which cause me to slowly age and be slightly indestructible.  I was mental 31 and physical 13 when the apocalypse happened. I was at my home in Boston when everything went down. The devil hopped into my body just everything crashed down leaving me safe. Around a month later Five ran into me. We obviously stuck together and became close.  It's been a couple decades and we still travel together.
     "Amora Tove how dare you say that I'm jealous of the devil.  You're just saying that because you are jealous of what me and Dolores have!" Five said to me angrily.
     "Five Hargreeves, you wish.  You're just made I can actually talk to Dev over here.  Why would I be jealous of hard plastic shaped like a human.  Chill Five." I said rolling my eyes.
     "CHILL!  C h I l l?  You started this!" Five yelled at me.  Just then I turned around to face Five.  I walked up to him and hugged him.
       "I don't want to fight.  Please don't fight with me.  I'm sorry I didn't mean it.  We were both mad and saying stupid things."  I said as he sighed and kissed my head.
     "It's unfair that you can do this.  You know it's my weakness, Mora." Five said holding me closer.
       "That's the point."
"What am I going to do with you Ams."
"Keep me in your pocket forever and ever. I promise the devil's best friend comes in handy sometimes." I said in a soft whisper. Just then a lady walked up with a smile on her face.
Time skip brought to you by Delores being the Queen she is and always will be
Today was the day. The day me and Five were escaping from the Commission for good. Five always talked about how he is going going to take me home and meet his family. Five and I have recently really felt our romantic connection, but Five promised me that we can date when we get home. He tells me all about how he's going to take me on a date to his favorite donut shop. How he can't wait to finally have a future with me. Finally it's all becoming true.
"Ready, Amora?" Five asks as he opened the portal.
"Let's meet the family." I said as we jumped through. When we landed I looked at Five and we both reacted the same.
For the next hour we explained everything to the siblings over and over again. They really aren't that bright. Finally when it was over Five went searching for coffee. He made some comments and Klaus made some back that somehow ended up making Five grab my arm and drag me away to the car.  Five explained more things about his family on the drive there.  We quickly arrived due to Five's speeding and we got out and walked in.  We got some weird service and Five talked to a random guy while I was content eating my donut.  Then after the guy left  a group of guys came in threatening us.  Causing Five to go all fighting mood. 
      "Okay, Dev, it's timeeeee!" I said quietly before channeling him.  While Five knocks out the leaders I get the back up.  Within minutes we had killed everyone.  We went outside and noticed we had trackers.  We cut them out and bandaged the wound. 
     "You realize what I realize, love." Five says to me getting closer to me. 
      "Saving the world is going to be harder than we think and the commission sucks?" I said to him as I moved closer.
        "I was thinking lighter about how I can kiss you now." Five said smirking. 
       "Well what are you waiting for sir." I said smirking as well.  Five and I leaned in as it was starting to sprinkle rain.  We had our first kiss in the rain and it was magical.  I'll get sick a million times to kiss him again.
Normally I don't do OCs but I'll do it for requests I just don't like to

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