How you meet

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-  You came late to the umbrella academy but not as a adopted kid but as a student
-  Your mom was scared of you getting hurt and wanted to train you properly
-  You came when you were about 15
-  You are a shapeshifter and can change your age as well
-  You were on a mission and you changed into a little girl (10) but you got stuck and had to keep growing up from there
-  You could shapeshift just not your age anymore
-  This happened four years ago
-  You never got to meet Five
-  He was very surprised that someone was in the same predicament as him

-  You were working as a psychologist at an rehab facility
- guess who was your most frequent patient
-  After a month or two Klaus started to warm up to you and become comfortable
-  He started to tell you everything and even opened up about his childhood
-  You started to see him as a friend and less of a patient

-  You worked at NASA
-  You wanted to be the first astronaut on Mars
-  Instead you got stuck living on the moon for four years with Mr. Monkey
-  At first you didn't exactly get along with him due to his arrogance
-  He kept acting like he was the leader of this mission even though you were the astronaut

-  You were a victim of Hazel and Cha Cha
-  So when Klaus called everyone you came
-  but you couldn't go away no matter how hard Klaus tried
-  So you naturally became friends with Ben
-  you guys got along

-  You sat next to her in third row
-  You made little jokes to make her smile
-  You guys grew close and started to get tea/coffee after every practice
-   You guys became close and you encouraged her to write a children's book about an invisible superhero
-  She hasn't published it but she is really passionate about i

-  You were a new cop and you were under training Patch
-   So obviously you met Diego
-  You were also the one that had to constantly break the news that he wasn't invited to the crime scene
-  And also that Patch had a new boy

-  You were her assistant
-  You want to be an actor but this is the first step
-  You were getting to know some people big in the world
-  Claire very quickly fell for you and loved you
-  Allison liked that

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