Not my girl (Diego x reader)

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Requested by unicorn606 and also Allisonshappyplace & DancingWithSebastian asked for a Diego image
It's been almost two since I started dating Diego and it's been a wild ride. This kid can't stay still on one thing for the life of him.  He's constantly wants to help and try to be great.  All he wants is to be number one.  Sometimes I think it helps that the person he cares for the most sees him as number one. I have stuck through thick and thin with Diego just like he has done the same for me.  That's why me strapped to a chair in a random motel room doesn't phase.
       "You know every time you touch me it's doubling the amount of stab wounds you get." I said to the mysterious man and woman.
     "You know I just don't get it with this case.  The first dude was a weird druggie so it made sense why he was intolerant to this torture because we don't know what he's into.  But you are normal.  You're a simple human not some kink drug addict and you aren't phased by any of this.  You act like we are just bothering you in stead of torture."  The woman says to me as she tries more torture devices.
     "I already told you.  I'm just counting down the seconds tell Diego comes banging on your door with murder in his eyes.  I could care less." I said to her rolling my eyes.  Do you know how many times I've told her this? Just then the door fell to the ground making the people look and me to smile.
"I think you have something of mine I would like it back!" Diego said making me roll my eyes. He immediately threw two knife at the man leaning against the wall. It pierced through his shoulders and pinned him to the wall. Then he started fighting the woman harder than I've ever seen him fight before. After a couple of minutes Diego managed to knock them out. Diego stabbed her leg multiple times in and out hoping she would bleed out. Then he stabbed the dude's stomach. He walked up to me and cut of all my ropes. Then he swoop me up in his arms and walked out like a badass.
     "You know I can walk right?" I said looking at Diego as he looked straight forward.
     "Nope" Diego replied the second I stopped talking.
      "Nope you didn't know or nope I'm not allowed to walk?  I hope you know I told them a million times that you were coming.  They really should have prepared because of the amount of times I told them.  I knew you would come and get me."
     "Don't doubt it for a second."
     "Never have and never will.  If you couldn't come you know I could kick ass if I need to.  But I prefer you to." As I finished talking we reach the car.  Diego sat me down and immediately drove to the Umbrella Academy.  Then he jumped out of the car and picked me up.  He cared me straight to his room.  I was set on the bed and Diego immediately cuddled me.
      "Do you know how scared I was?  I can't live without you.  I love you so much.  I can't even imagine losing my girl.  Never leave my side again.  EVER." Diego said seriously.
       "I promise you I have no intentions to ever leave you.  I love you too much." I say to him holding him closer.  We spend the rest of the day in each other's arms basking in the love of one another.
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