Live stream (Ethan x reader)

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Requested by StitchSis123
When Eden asked me to come visit her on set for filming TUA season two I jumped on the opportunity.  I immediately begged my parents and after a talk with Eden's parents they let me go.  Me and Eden have been attached at the hip since birth and are best friends.  I miss her so much when she has so go film but I love TUA so I suck it up. It's an honor to be able to come out and see everyone in person. I was able to meet everyone on FaceTime while filming season one because they wanted to see the person she constantly talked about. I also meet them when I went to the premiere as Eden's "date".  The (young) cast liked me and I really hit it off with Ethan.  We are interest in a lot of the same things so ever since then we have been talking and becoming close friends.  Eden didn't tell the other kids so I was a complete surprise to them.  And within two days me and Ethan were almost as close as me and Eden.  Keyword almost there.  And I will admit over the multiple months I've been talking to him I do kinda like him.  If I was asked to think of your crush or a boy you liked I would think of him immediately.  Anyway we were all doing a big livestream tonight and I was the "special guest" giving a fan's perspective of them irl to the fans.  I couldn't wait.  We have been hyping this up for a week and ever since I came me as well.  So here we were all packed into Eden's house ready to stream.  Eden pushed the button while I texted Aidan to jump on and request.  Since he wasn't here we added him on.
"HEy GuYS!" We all said together making us laugh. We made small talk with the chat while people came in. I sat with Ethan in the corner because he is a bit shyer on live and I didn't want to over step myself because the fans came for them. We have been streaming for thirty minutes and fans had started to notice me and Ethan making fun of people in the corner. But soon the shipping was overlooked because I started to tell my opinion on everyone.
"We always hold celebrities to a perfect standard in real life. We expect them to be just as great when reality they are people too. I mean Eden is my absolute best friend so I've loved her from the start.  Aidan is like the chillest dude ever and us really calming to be around.  Although I have had some debates with him about environmental things but he appreciates the difference in opinion and doesn't hate me.  He is salty and sarcastic about it though. Cameron although he LOOKS like a douche f boi, just kidding, he is really chill and go with the flow. He's very professional and serious when he needs to be but is still fun at the same time. Dante is really fun, charismatic, and just a ball to be around. He always lightens my day with his light hearted presence. T. J. is very thoughtful and genuine person. If I needed a very nice, responsible person for a life or death situation she would be my first thought because she always has control over situations and makes me feel chill and safe. Blake is the life of the party. If I need someone that will dance the night away and be happy and energetic I go to Blake. He's always making the best of every situation. And last but not least is my boi, Ethan. He's very much like me and that's cool. He's quiet at first but when he gets comfortable with you he's great. He's very thoughtful and I always feel comfortable around him. He is always happy to help and is the type of friend that will stick for life. Yeah but all of them are really chill and personable." I said to all of them making them smile. Ethan gave me a little side hug which led everyone to dog pile me with hugs.
     "You're going to crush her if you don't be careful guys!"  Ethan said laughing.
     "Agreed, Ethan, thanks.  At least someone is worried about my safety unlike Eden as kids."  I said presuming my spot next to Ethan and sitting even closer to him.  We all told stories and joke around on the live for awhile after.   Soon I started yawning with my jet lag still setting in.  Soon I set my head on Ethan's shoulder and listened to Blake tell a story.  Pretty soon the chat blew up with ship names but I was able to distract them with asking Aidan about his album.  Pretty soon we had to end the live stream so we could all get home and get some sleep.  In the middle of the chaos of everyone leaving I almost fell asleep on Ethan.
     "Hey, (y/n), I've got to do before my mom kills me.  I let you sleep as long as you could.  If I stay any later the fans will die." Ethan whispered in my ear and I laughed.  I pulled myself up and hugged him one more time.
       "Bye, Ethan, see you later alligator" I said to him as he walked out the door.
       "In awhile crocodile!" He said smiling as door closed.  I was smiling ear to ear as Eden walked up to me wiggling her eyebrows.
      "Youuuuuuuuvvvvvveeeee got a crusssssssshhhhhh!" Eden said making me roll my eyes.
      "Whatever, Eden." I said as I went to our room to get ready to sleep still smiling big.

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