Partners in Crime (Five x Reader)

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You got partnered up with Five when he came into The Commission. You had been work with them for 40 years making you 55. It's crazy how much no one suspects the old couple. Within only a few case you two were the best of the best. The Commission praises you guys for your work. You've been stuck at the Commission longer than anyone else, because every family member and friend you have is dead. You have no were to return to so whenever your contract was up the Commission would strike up a new deal. You thought this would be your life until you met Five. He changed everything. It only took a few cases for you to fall hard for Five. And it took him even less time. After a year of working together you guys finally realized you both were in love. This is when five started formulating his plan. He wanted to take you to his home and to meet his family. He wanted to be safe with you and no longer have to kill. To be able to settle down with you and finally get you that ring he knew he needed when he shook your hand for the first time. It's taken awhile to make it perfect but you guys were on your last case, killing JFK. Except as a last screw you to the Commission you weren't going to kill him.
"Ready?" Five said to me with his calculations all finished. I nodded and he did it. We jump through only to land on more grass. I look up to see five adults and a monkey staring at up. I look at five and I gasp.
"You idiot! I told you that it would make us thirteen again." I said to Five.  The next hour was a whirlwind.  Five had to explain everything to his siblings and I had to deal with Allison's evil eyes.  I mean she hasn't seen Five in like 17 years her time you would like she wouldn't be as protective.  So far the only siblings I like is Klaus, Diego, and Vanya.  Allison is too self centered and likes she too great and that has rubbed off on Luther "I am number one" Hargreeves.  I don't get how being a number judges your power and leadership.  Because if I'm being honest none of are numbered correctly, but I won't give my opinion on that.  All the sudden Five was pulling me into a car to get coffee. 
     "What do you think of them?" Five asked looking nervous.
      "Overall great.  Klaus is great I love him the best, but I feel if Ben was alive I would prefer him.  Vanya seems friendly and I appreciate her actually generally caring.  Diego seems tough but I like it.  Allison is a bit full of herself but I've dealt with her personality before.  Luther seems to think he's the greatest power and leadership wise but other than that he's a teddy bear.  Pogo is sketchy but I like him.  And I've never loved anyone more than Grace.  Besides you." I said as we drove.  I could sense Five calm down after that.
      "Do you know how nervous I was for that?  Klaus loves you already and I'm scared of your friendship.  Vanya senses you are good for me so she'll like you.  Diego will take a bit but he doesn't hate you that's a good sign.  Allison will be rocky but I don't give a crap about her opinion on you.  I mean I care about her but I know you aren't bad.  Luther will probably like you if you ask about his moon visit once.  But don't let him get too big.  Pogo is the keeper of all of us he's probably hiding a lot of family secrets.  But he seems to like you.  Mom is amazing and she likes you already.  You'll be fine." Five explained to me.
     "Thanks.  I'm slightly worried but I'll be fine.  I also am." 
      "Are you ready for my favorite childhood place Griddy's?"
      "I've heard all about these donuts you think I'm not?" I said as I got out of the car.   Five chuckled and smirked he grabbed my hand and walked me inside.  I have a feeling everything going to be okay.
Hey tell me if you want a part two because I can.

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