Five x Reader part 3

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    I was woken up by the felling of warmth and grip around me.  I realized that Five has pulled me in while we were sleeping and he just pulled me in tighter.  I blushed before accepting it.  The poor kid (?) probably has never been cuddled or held someone while sleeping (someone with a full soft body not a mannequin).  He probably never gets a peaceful sleep either.  I laid my head on his chest and I felt him somehow pull me in even more and him contently.  I must admit this feels like heaven.  I felt love and comfort for what it feels like the first time.  I've only known Five for a couple days but I already feel a strong comfort and security with him.  It probably helped we have both read each others reports and we had a good few hours in the van to bond.  I saw him start to stir and I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep to avoid any awkward interactions.  To my surprise he didn't get up quickly or react to me being in his arms.  He stayed there awake for a couple minutes before getting up by gently setting me down.  I always knew Five had a heart but I didn't know he had a soft side.  I mean he is doing all of this to just to save his siblings.  I heard him walk around a wake his brothers who were bobbing in and out of sleep.  I started to slightly stir while Five straightened his clothes.  I looked down and realized that I need to change.  I'm still in my Commission clothes.  I slowly sat up and started to walk around stretching.  Five sat on the bed and started to explain everything to his brothers.  Then a old dude came by and said something about a person named Patch before Diego ran out.  Five continued to explain everything to Luther while I quietly looked through the apartment or should I say loft.  Five was just finishing informing Luther when Diego burst in.  He started yell and threaten Five.
      "HEY HEY HEY!  You're acting like Five knew that Hazel and Cha Cha were going after you?  He didn't because he was out trying to save the whole world's butt from dying.  You think Five wanted to cause you pain and let your "friend" die? I may not know you guys but I've seen enough to see that Five gives a damn about you guys and wants to protect you." I said getting in between Luther and Five.  Diego calms down and started to threaten Hazel and Cha Cha.  I rolled my eyes as he stormed out leaving us alone.
     "I'm going to go down the street to Gimbly's to get some new clothes.  I can't take being in Commission clothes anymore.  I've got my Commission money from some case that I've been saving up." I said quietly to Five.
      "No.  I'm not letting you go out.  Hazel and Cha Cha are out and at large. I don't want to risk you dying." Five said immediately.
      "Let's go home and see get everyone" Luther said to us.
     "We are stopping at Gimbly's on the way." I said grabbing our stuff and heading to the door.
Time skip brought to you by the Hargreeves family song dance party
     I took a shower when we got home.  Luther was getting everyone and Five said he needed to talk to Klaus.  I got some jeans and a long John material (any color you look good in) shirt along with some hiking/combat boot and a black coat.  Five added some sunglasses and hat as well for a disguise because that's not suspicious at all. (If you don't normally wear this sorry it's just that it's the end of the world and I'm being practical).  I was nice to feel clean both physically and mentally.  I was sitting on Five's bed when he rushed in and started writing everywhere.  I quickly realized it was a equation and I helped him as much as I could.  We were close when Luther came them everything happened in a flash.  All of the sudden Dolores was a hostage and Five had a gun. A lot happened and then Five whispered something in my ear.
"NO! You can't Five! Why can't I go? You need to be with family. If you get caught it's over for you and you have people that care. If I get caught then I take it. I have nothing to lose. Luther please leave for a minute!" I yelled. Somehow I intimated him and he all but ran away.
"Nothing to lose! Cut the bull crap you have your life to lose. My siblings had 16 years without me and you can work with them. I'm not letting you go (Y/N). I promised you that you wouldn't have to go back if it's the last thing I did and I plan to stick to my word." Five said. I looked him directly into the eyes.
"Five... they would trust me quicker. I'll just say I had been going crazy from twenty years of doing this and my hormones were wack. Then in a day or two I would be back with trust and I could send you everything. Please let me go instead. I don't want to see your family go through this again. And if you really think they would keep me if you die you are wrong."
"You. Are. Not. Going. I don't care how much you say no. If you so even think of pulling crap while we are doing it I will jump you to Tokyo and won't take you back tell we save the world. I'm doing it. This is my job not yours."
"I'm not going to do it happily. I'm going to go along kicking you know that."
"I wouldn't expect it any other way. No let's go get my idiot brother and figure this out." Five said before grabbing my arm and dragging me out.
Time skip brought to you by Luther's monkey shoulders
The plans was for me to be in the trunk. Five wouldn't let me stay with Pogo and said I needed to stay with him.  But he didn't want to make it easy for me to escape so he looked me in the trunk.  With air holes obviously.  Anyway I had to listen to this big brother brother talk crammed in a trunk.  I heard everything go down.  I heard the very confusing music following some car.  I don't know and then all the sudden Luther pushed Diego and Klaus into the car.  Thankfully Luther remembered me when I reached home but I was worried.  Is Five okay?  I was concerned until I got a message stating:

Hopefully Luther didn't leave you in the trunk.  Things went different.  Handler offered office job or death of family.  I will be back.  Stay safe.
- 5

Sometimes I regret my decision to leave but now I have a new outlet, Five.
Lol this is turning into a book.  Sorry it's so broken up I just want it to be accurate.  I also don't want too quick feelings ya know?  Any who I am about to start part 4.  Hopefully it won't go on too much more. xx

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