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It's been twenty years that I've been stuck working for the Commission. I'm more of a prisoner than worker. They stunted my growth and I haven't aged since I was 14. They thought a "little girl" would be less suspicious. I've been planning everything out to leave.  I've been able to get away with it because the Commission was right about one thing, no one suspects the little girl. I've been planning an escape for the last ten years. I've studied everything and figured out how to perfectly escape. And I found the perfect person to run to, the legend Number Five. He's the only one that knows the Commission, knows how to deal with them, has some what been able to rebel against them, is trust worthy, and can help me go further. The only problem is that I can only jump to his busiest week, when he is saving the world.  I've been trained to fight perfect and quick problem solving techniques so I won't be dead weight, but I still feel bad.  But I have to.  Currently I am about to do it. The Handler is currently recruiting and I have a thirty minute window to go.  I have a message for Five before I set of the bomb in the briefcase room after grabbing one while Kevin is on lunch break.  Then I have to jam The Handlers' transportation before ribbing my tracker out of the briefcase.  Then I have to jump to seven random locations and tones before jumping to Five.  I gave him exactly one hour before I come.  I heard Handler leave and took a deep breath.  It's time for me to be free.
Time skip brought to you by Ben's WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE
     After seven jumps I made it.  Now it's time for the hard part.  I walk up to the academy door where I told Five to be and I knocked.  It was opened by a monkey.  Well that's not something I expected.
    "Um... hello! I'm looking for Mr. Number Five" I said.  Mr. Number Five? Who am I.
     "I shall call him now if he is here.  Come in dear." The monkey said in a British accent.  I smiled and I gripped my briefcase harder.  The second the money walked away a robotic looking woman came up.
    "Hello, Sweetie, are you hungry? I can make you a cake!" She said sweetly.
     "If it wouldn't be any trouble, yes please." I said politely.
     "Of course dear, no trouble at all" she said and walked away.  I was looking around when suddenly I was pulled in and was in a room.  I was immediately pushed against a wall and had a knife pressed up against my neck by a.... boy?
      "Who are you?  Why did you contact me?  Don't even think of hurting my family!" He said aggressively. I gasped for air.
     "I'm- I'm not looking-looking for y-you.  I con-contacted Mr. Num-number F-f-five to-to help me-help me get a-a-away!" I said gasping for air.  He lightened the pressure of my neck slightly.
    "I am "Mr. Number Five" and why do you think I would help you."
     "What? I though Mr. Five was older? Did I get the wrong time in his well your life? I thought I went to the only open spot... the end of the world?  I thought you might help me because you were stuck in away too.  The commission has held me captive for twenty years and stopped my growth to be more "useful". I'm (Y/N) (L/N)."
     "Wait... YOUR (y/n) (l/n)? My biggest competition and basically the Commissions literally poster child? You did get the right time.  I was aged back when I jumped back. Wait how do you know about the world ending?"
     "When the only interesting person at the Commission disappears you think u didn't sneak into The Handlers office and read the report?  I mean who do you think made Hazel talk to Anges one on one? I knew he would fall for her."
     "Wait that was you?  I thought Hazel went on his own."
    "Nope. Anyway can you help me? I'm but dead weight I can help you defeat whatever is causing the world to end."
     "Maybe only because my siblings are complete idiots that can barely tell left from right." He said while backing up.
      "I have been promised cake from the Barbie lady.  Also why the monkey?" I asked.
      "Barbie is our "mom" Grace.  She is a robot.  And the monkey is Pogo." He said grabbing my wrist and dragging my away.
     "Hazel and Cha Cha can't see me.  I assume the news has hit them but I don't think the Commission knows I went to you. But if they see they will." I said running to keep up.
     "How did you escape?  And have them not on your toes?" He questioned me. 
    "Well it really was a random guess until a couple days ago when you left.  Then I sent a message to my past self and figured everything out.  I don't have a family to go to so I'm harder to track.  I knew Handlers' schedule and I'm trusted by everyone.  So if I'm seen somewhere people just assume it's me being me and really invested into my case.  It also helps to be friendly which is something you do not excel at.  I question in the right way more of an innocent, curios manner. But anyway I basically planned everything out.  I timed The Handler being gone, timed Kevin's break to get a briefcase and set a bomb the perfect time to distract everyone and stop people coming after me.  Then with the time remaining I sent you a message and jammed Handlers' transportation.  Then i extracted my new briefcase's tracker and put it in a random message bottle and sent it to nowhere.  Then I jumped to seven random time and places.  And I came here as my eighth and final spot.  Really quite easy I will say.  Only took ten years of planning to pay attention and build strong trust." I said.
     "Wow... that's complex.  I never would have thought of doing that.  Obviously I'm more of a rebel and jump guy." He said looking at me strangely.
      "Yeah certain situations call for certain calls.  I also had to work out my aging problem.  So I wrote to our scientist agents and I've had him working on an antidote.  He thought it was for a deep undercover case that I needed to age for.  He left it in one of the random places I jumped to.  And because Handler trusted me to handle everything myself I got away with it." I said as we rounded the corner into a... kitchen?
     "Well hello Five and Five's guest.  Dear I have your cake and Five's marshmallow peanut butter sandwiches all ready." Grace said before returning to her cooking.
    "Marshmallow and peanut butter?" I said questionably.
     "Hey don't knock it before you try it.  It's not like I care about your opinion anyway." He said defensively.
      "Cool it Grandpa, no need to get your knotty knees in a bunch." I said smirking. Five just glared at me.
Part 2 to come if someone requests it.

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