Five x Reader part 2

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Five and I haven't slept in 18 hours because we are staking out the eye doctor dude and planning. I've had too many coffees those 18 hours especially including me not sleeping after all of that jumping in space and time. I mean here is another way to be intimidating. We are about to attack him after the gym to get some more information.
"Ready, (Y/N)?" Five said looking at me as he turned to the door.
"I'm ready if you are. Are you sure you don't want we to just follow you guys a couple feet behind?" I asked.
"And risk getting you hurt or taken? No, you could get spotted by Hazel and/or Cha Cha. You know they are everywhere. They seem to have the same leads as me. So you are going to walk right by me where you are safe. Got it?" Five said annoyed with me even questioning him. I nodded at him and took a deep breath. I've done this type of stuff twenty million times but now I have something to loose.
We got out of the car and walked a couple feet away from the guys car. They when he got in, Five grabbed my hand and transported us into the car. I don't even think the guy noticed me. I just sat quietly and watched Five go. I now get why he was the top agent. He threatens with a passion and I'm scared for him. Soon the car started and he drove us down to the office. I thought Five forgot I was there until he looked in the rearview mirror making eye contact with me. He winked at me and smiled. That was his little way of saying we are safe. I mean give Five any weapon like thing whoever he wants to be safe will be. Soon we arrived and we saw smoke. The second Five was out of the car he ran to the building. In a spilt second it blew up, pushing Five to the ground.
"Crap." I said before running up to Five. He already sat up and I could see the defeat in his eye. His biggest lead was gone. In that moment I saw him. A broken boy that just wants to save his family. The one price of evidence he had was gone now. I tranced my eyes along his body looking for any injuries. Then when I realized he was fine I hugged him. Putting my head in the crook of his neck. I wrapped arms around him and I slowly felt his hands go around my waist.
"We will find another lead I promise. I'll even go back to the Commission to get the case manager if I have to. We will stop with Five... we will save your family." I said firmly. He leaned his head slowly on mine while closing his eyes.
"You came to me because you never wanted to go back to that place. You won't go back there if it's the last thing I do." Five said. We sat there for a moment just basking in the comfort of having someone that truly knows what you are going through.
Time skip brought to you by Allison thinking she is the bomb dot com even though she sucks
Don't ask me how Five got drunk in the Library just know he is. I've never been one for alcohol so I gladly took the sober role. I brought us to the one place I could fine that Hazel and Cha Cha wouldn't be hanging around after literally setting a building in fire. So now Five was passed out on the floor with his mannequin and I was desperately trying to figure out what to do next. Right now it was to wait for Five to wake up and get sober. That was until his brothers showed up. Looking at me crossed legged looking at paper with Five passed out with one arm around me and one around deloris
"Hi... Luther and Diego I presume. I'm guessing because neither of you look like a junkie. Well of drugs not steroids..." I said with a awkward smile.
"Who are you? Why are you will are brother?" Diego said eyeing me.
"Let's just say I'm an old friend that needed a safe place to go. Five was that safe place and now he needs some help. If you boys would could you carry him to the transportation that got you here. The librarian has been giving me the stink eye." I said matter of fact. Luther picked up Five and started to walk out. I picked up our stuff and walked about a yard behind them. They were talking to the now awake Five and I just watched from a distance. They had true sibling love which is hating each other so much that you care. It's funny how they think they are the heroes in this situation. Although I did scoff when he said Hazel and Cha Cha were the best besides himself, because what am I chopped liver? It's funny how the brothers ignored me. When we reached the apartment where Diego apparently lived the layer the now asleep Five in the bed. I yawned and settled down in a chair.
"Go. Lay down in the bed. We will stay awake and watch for this 'Hazel and Cha Cha'" Diego said looking at me.
"If any of us should stay awake it's me. I have experience with them and I know what Five knows. Although they can't see me unless it's necessary." I said immediately.
     "Well if they come in you'll wake up immediately.  You'll be not help tired.  Go. Sleep." Diego demanded.  I sighed and I got up. I climbed over Five and got under the covers.  It was a nice thought to be able to sleep without having to worry about what innocent person I would have to kill or plan to kill in the morning.  I began to think maybe I won't have Five find me a perfect time and place to go to.  Because I think I already found it.
Hey I am going to make this a multiple part story because I don't want to make it a quick plot.  So if you would like a part 3 tell me.

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