Wake up calls with them

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Ben wakes you up by littering your face with a million little kisses before a big smooch.

Five will normally not wake you up do to the fact you he gets more stuff done with out you, his biggest distraction. If he has to he will bring you a cup of coffee before jumping the blanket always and kissing you.

Klaus wakes you up by screaming the scream of bloody murder. It sounds like the death of millions an inch away from your ear.

Diego wakes you up by bring you a smoothie with a kiss on the cheek and a five minute cuddle.

Luther brings you a big breakfast before turning in music to get you up and ready.

Allison brings you a latte she order before having you get up and make her eggs.

Vanya wakes you up by lightly playing violin. She knows you like to wake up and dance to get you awake.

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