Vanya x fem reader

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     Your dance company was hiring a violinist for your ballet performance.  You needed something to make you stick out and what else would do it then live music.  And do you know who they hired? Vanya Hargreeves.  Aka my women crush Wednesday since forever.  I stand with her in her courage in writing her book.  She was abused for not being special so why not show the world it wasn't all sunshine and roses.  I mean barely anyone knew she existed. And when she plays violin it's like magic in my ears.  She makes me want to float on the clouds.  My mother played violin as a child and would play it for me if I asked.  I've always loved violin but could never play myself. And now I'm here about to walk into my studio and meet her. I try my hardest to suppress my smile from being so big but I can't help it. My heart feels like a kid at Christmas and my mind feels like it's about to jump out of a plane. I took at deep breath and I walked in. My eyes immediately landed on Vanya and our eyes met. I smiled and walked towards her.
"Hi, Vanya! I would just like to introduce myself. I'm (Y/N) and I can't wait to work with you, the famous Vanya Hargreeves. I'm a really big fan of yours. I did everything but lose it when they told me I had the great honor of working with you." I said. I wanted my creepy fam girl to get out now.
"Oh, hi. I'm really not that great. I mean of course I took this opportunity to play for you. All I get to do on my own with my violin is teach so I couldn't wait for this. I also love ballet. There is so much unity and grace involved. I'm pretty sure I saw you preform a year or two ago in the nutcracker." Vanya said shyly smiling.
"Oh yeah. I got the honor of playing Clara. It's every ballerinas dream to play the lead in either the Nutcracker or Swan Lake once in their life. I'm glad you love ballet as well. It would suck if I worked with someone with no respect for my work. Artists either shame us or love us. Thankfully orchestra instruments normally do due to their job."
"Yeah I wouldn't put it past some of the musicians I've met to think they are the star of the show. Even though it would be a hard bet that even one person in the crowd came for the orchestra." Vanya said quietly making me laugh. I could tell this next month was going to be wonderful.

Time skip by Five trying to tell everyone the world is going to end and no one listening

It's the night of nights, my performance. I have been working on this solo piece for months and added the live music on stage stage a month ago. It's safe to say I've worked my butt of for this to be good. My feet definitely show all my hard work. My heart equally wants to puke and soar. Vanya makes eye contact and smiles. I know she is more nervous than me. I take one finally breath before walking out to the stage. It's my moment.

Time skip by the Hargreeves kids dancing to eighties music

It went great. Everyone loved it. I've gotten a million roses and I felt great. Finally it feels like I can breathe. Just as I thought everyone had congratulated me and I've escaped to my dressing room I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn around quickly to see the face I've been pinning over.
"I just wanted to give you this. You did amazing out there." Vanya said softly hanging me a rose. I blushed and pulled out the small bouquet I got her. We got the same bouquet of six yellow roses for each other.
"Well these were for you. I know this meant a lot to you. You finally got to preform alone." I said smiling.
"Would you like to maybe go get dinner once you are done here?"
"Congratulatory or romantically?"
"Which ever one you prefer." Vanya said quietly making me smile. She was just as nervous as me. I smirk and kiss her cheek.
"Romantically it is. I'll be ready in twenty." I said closing my dressing room door. I smiled to myself. Vanya Hargreeves just asked me out.

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