I have to (Five x Vanya)

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This is a special request from VALENTINAGUZHNAY with prompt 12
Vanya POV
     Five, Allison, and Ben are the only siblings that actually have shown care for me.  Sure Klaus and Diego don't hate me or anything they just don't go out of their way for me.  Allison is just sorry for me and is doing it to be nice.  Ben is just a all around sweetheart and just cares for everyone.  But Five is different and he makes me feel different as well.  The closest description I can get to explain it is love but that's wrong.  We are siblings and that's all we will ever be.  Sure I'm a treated like a second cousin three times removed but that doesn't change anything. It's not civil, but is anything we do civil? It's time for the boring thing called breakfast. We have to quietly sit there and eat while "Dad" listens to some weird record. Normally I won't mind but today feels different. We are in the middle of eating when Five slams his knife into the table. Oh no.
"Number Five!" "Dad" said.
"I have a question." Five said obviously very aggravated.
"Knowledge is an an admirable goal, but you know the rules. No talking during meal times. You are interrupting Herr Carlson." "Dad" back to Five making even more mad.
"I want to time travel."
"But I'm ready. I've been practicing my spacial jumps, just like you've said." Five got up and jumped to him. "See?"
"A spacial jump is trivial compared to the unknowns of time travel. One is like sliding into ice, the other is akin to descending blindly into the depths of freezing water and reappearing as an acorn."
"Well, I don't get it"
"Hence the reason you're not ready." Just then Five looked at me and I shook my head furiously.
"I'm not afraid."
"Fear isn't the issue. The effects it might have on your body, or even on your mind, are far too unpredictable. Now, I forbid you to talk about this anymore." Five took a couple seconds to think before turning around and running out the door. "Number Five! You haven't been excused! Get back here!"
I immediately jumped up and ran after him. I grabbed his hand just as he reached him.
"Five! Didn't you hear him? You could die or turn into a... nut? You can't go Five. You can't leave me here alone." I said to him gripping harder on his hand.
"Vanya I have to do this for myself. I can't sit around not knowing. This could change everything. I'll be back in a matter of seconds or days don't worry.  Now stop making that face because now I want to kiss you."
     "What did you just say to me, Five?"
     "You heard me, Vanya.  I love you and I need to do this.  I can't stop with out doing this.  This is the biggest question in my life and I can't stop thinking about it.  If I ever want to take us away from here I need to do this.  Don't ever question that I love you, Vanya."
     "I-I love you too, Five.  Just stay safe.  Please?  And don't find anyone to love in the future.  Unless it's a animal or maybe a mannequin.  Please don't die."
     "Trust me, I won't.  Have a little faith, Vanya."  Five said smirking before running off.  Just before he went he winked and me.  He left me there full of hope and smiling if only I knew my disappointment was soon to come.

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