Sass (Five x Reader)

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A sassy reader imagine requested by kawaiiWhitetigress
     I've always been told I am a sassy person when you get to know me.  I'm respectful and a nice person overall but I can be snappy.  Especially when I have to do my sister's job.  My sister got hired by some rich old dude to help this guy named Klaus get sober.  But my sister when all out at a bachelorette party so now I'm stuck with a druggie.  I walk up to the address that my sister was given.  Normal young teenagers party hard and sleep in late, not me.  I knocked on the door and a guy around my age opened the door.  He looked incredibly inconvenienced by my presence. 
     "Um, hi!  I'm looking for a Klaus Hargreeves?  My sister is supposed to be here but she couldn't make it.  So I'm here instead."  I said to him politely smiling. 
      "KLAUS!  YOU HAVE A HOUSEGUEST!"  The dark haired boy screamed.  He opened the door long evoking for me to slip in.
      "Well aren't you jar a sunshine." I whispered to the kid causing him to do a 360 about me.  He scoffed and scratched his neck.
      "More of a jar of black coffee type." He said smirking.
      "REALLY?  WoW never would have guessed." I said while fake gasping.  This caused him to smirk. 
     "I know, my overwhelming optimism causes people to think I'm not." He said smiling.
     "I know it's such a big personality trait.  Like boom it's in your face.  So much peep and bubbliness." I said as a guy walked in.
      "Well hello and who might you be?" Said Klaus I'm guessing.
     "Um hello.  My sister was hired to help you get sober.  But she unfortunately wasn't doing that last night so I'm here instead.  I'm (y/n) by the way."  I said politely.
"Got to love a sober buddy that can't stick to the path herself." Klaus said sassily. I laughed at that.
"Well I can promise that I have no plans of drugs or alcohol any time soon, if ever. And I've been told psychology is my strong suit." I said smiling.
"Well I guess you'll be accompanying me and brother dearest over here." Klaus said as he just walked out the door. Five gave a look to his brother and followed him.
"Am I just supposed to follow you guys? Yeah? Okay doing this now." I said running after them. Today is going to be fun.
Time skip brought to you by Vanya actually playing the violin
     "(Y/N), I know you have a lot of questions like why were we in front of a prosthetic company's building or why we cane out bloody, but you need to do something important for us." Klaus said looking at the confused me. 
      "What?  Just tell me now." I said worried and concerned. 
     "You need to go into Griddy's and get us a dozen donuts and a black coffee.  Here is some money now go." Five said cutting off Klaus and handing me some cash. 
      "Why can't you?"
      "Well lets just say I'm not exactly welcomed there with open arms."
      "Why am I not surprised?  Honestly I should have expected this the second I meet y'all." I said as I got out the car and walked into Griddy's.  I ordered everything to go and ate a donut while walking to the car when suddenly someone grabbed my arm.  Five grabbed my arm and ran into a alley way.
     "What's happening?  Why did you grab me?"  I said really confused.
     "I have some not so nice friends and they are coming after me.  I told Klaus to drive home while I grab you.  It's not safe."
     "The mafia?  You're involved with the Mafia?"
     "What?  No, something way bigger not the mafia."
      "The Illuminati?  Don't tell me your apart of that!  I know y'all have superpowers but no that big!"
      "No not the Illuminati!  Sh they are coming."  Five said as he put his hand over my mouth.  I heard voice coming this way.  Five looked at me and said," I'm so sorry." And grabbed my face and kissed me.   He backed me up against the wall and I kissed him back.  I heard them walk into the open alley way and I decided to sell it.  I pushed Five's head to my neck.
      "UGGGHHH..  AIDAN!" I said really loudly before Five moved back to my lips.  We heard there footsteps as they left but we both pretend we didn't hear it.  After all we have to sell it, right?

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