Heart eyes (Ben x reader)

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     "Stop it!"  I said to your boyfriend, Ben, while throwing my wii remote on the couch.
     "What?  I'm not doing anything." Ben said to me confused.
     "I can't beat this stupid ghost in Mario kart if you are giving me those stupid heart eyes.  I can't go soft when I'm trying to beat a ghost, Ben." I said back to him while throwing myself of the couch.
      "You should really be blaming your parents.  They made you.  I can't help that I'm in love with you."  Ben said nonchalantly.
    "What?  Y-You love me?"  I said jumping up from the couch.  Ben's eyes opened wide.
     "I didn't- sorry.  I never meant for it to come out like this.  I know you probably aren't ready and I rushed everything.  I'm sorry."  Ben said looking down.
"Why are you sorry? I-I love you too. And I've known you for years, you aren't rushing anything. I'm pretty sure I feel in love with you the second you tripped Luther when we were kids because he called me stupid. I'm pretty sure moving in next to your house is the best decision my parents ever made. It just took us a bit to get to the relationship part of our life together." I said quietly with my heart beating a million beats per second. Then Ben got up and stood next to me. He pulled me in and kissed me. We've kissed before but nothing like this. It was passion filled and satisfying. Once we parted I laid my head on his shoulder and we stood there for awhile.
"You know we should thank Luther. He brought us together." I said laughing.
"I'll only thank Luther if I'm roasting at my wedding. I'm not taking a single moment to unnecessarily talk to him."
"That's a bit rude don't you think. He is your brother after all. Sure a self righteous, know-it-all, incest practicer, but still your brother."
"Well he called my favorite person (non sibling) in the entire universe stupid so... sorry not sorry."
"Well I have more education than him so guess who's stupider now."
"He's always been the stupider one. I mean he's romance life is with his sister. That's a stupid loser if I've ever seen one."
"Wow. Way to drag Luther. I'm glad incest didn't spread to anyone else though."
"Same, the rest of respected the adopted situation. If I'm Allison's brother than that means Luther is too. You can't pick and choose family. It's not like we are in an orphanage or group home. This is a big messed up family household whether they accept it or not."
"Agreed. I couldn't even imagine falling in love with someone that is literally related to me. That since birth has been my sibling and nothing else. It's not a boy next door that was a "brother" to you situation."
"None of us are okay with that. But can't tell Luther no. He's 'number one'."
"Well he's not number one in my heart."
"And that's what truly matters to me."

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