What you think of each other

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- Confused at first
- How could there be someone who has the same issue as me?
- And why do I want to get to know her?
- She doesn't seem too annoying...
-  Wait why it's he aged up
-  Wait why do I want to know him
-  Maybe he could help me age up
-  He seems like a sarcastic grandpa

-  Oh a young dead person
- Oh an attractive young dead person
-  That actually has a personality
-  That doesn't suck
- Wait he isn't a victim
- He's funny
- and supportive (cough cute as well cough)
- I like him

-  Wow an actual assistant with a personality
- I don't like it
- Wait they seem nice
-  Shoot now I have to seduce them
- I can't believe I'm working with Allison Hargreeves
-  Ugh she's snobby
-  She really thinks she has no flaws and she's the best you can get
- This is going to be a long job

-  Fresh meat to trick
- Wait she actually has a brain
- She hates me already
- good
- Oh my gosh he's annoying
- How does Patch deal with this crap
- Did he just wink?
- All I wanted to do is protect and serve and I get this

- Oh look another Shrink
- Shoot he's hot
- Now I have to make out with him
- It's my main goal in life
- This is going to be a long hour
- Does he have to make a joke of everything
- He is actually crazy
- Now I feel obligated to fix him

- She seems completely not like Allison
- Wait who is Allison
- Oh wait she hates me
- Better show her I'm number one
- I've never seen a big man in my life
- I can tolerate him
- No I can't
- Take me back

- did the person beside me actually smile at me
- did a person you isn't unattractive just smile at me
- They are nice
- Is this what it's like to be loved
- She seems easy to talk to
- Less intimidating then the rest
- Shoot I scared her
- Wait maybe not

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