Little ways they say "I love you"

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- He wakes you up with tea/coffee and kisses instead of a bucket of water
- He lets you cuddle him and get touchy whenever you want even though he's not used to touchy things
- He always gets you things he knows you will like even though you didn't ask

- He always pays a lot of attention to you
- He'll watch movies with you that he knows you love and he doesn't
- He always kisses you in little places so you know he is there and cares

- He treats you like a Queen
- Always considers your opinion
- Carries you place when you get tired

- He always pushes you behind you if someone attacks
- He always carries your bags or you
- He always listens to everything you say and pays attention

- little touches
- eye contact
- mindlessly always having her body turned your direction

- Went sober for you
- Will be serious for you when you need him to be
- Always keeps you in mind when he gets food

- Treating you like Royalty
- Always defending you and has your back constantly
- Always hugs you

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