Five x Reader part 4 (last part)

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You were called down to a meeting where you met the remaining Umbrella Academy kids even Vanya who came with her boy toy. So far the only one I generally through and through like is Klaus. I was listening to them all chatter like they know what's happening when all of the sudden Five fell from the sky. I shot up but his siblings were on him first. I didn't want to be overbearing so I stayed back. Five was breaking everything down and once he said his name I got it. So as he explained everything I stared at his face. What had happened? Is he okay? Were they suspicious of me? All of the sudden everybody was pairing up. With out even saying a word Five walked up to me and grabbed my hand and dragged me with him, Allison, and Diego.
I didn't say much in the car. I felt as if I would be over stepping if I did. They didn't know me and I didn't know them. I was with Five in him just popping in but Diego insisted. So while Allison talked to Vanja i sat next to Five on the wall.
"Are you okay? Why are you limping? Did you get injured?" I questioned Five.
"Are we ever okay is the true question. I'll survive. I always do." Five replies shortly.
"I- We were worried. I understood more but I'll admit I was scared you would never come back. Then I would have to be left alone with Klaus the only one I like." I said leaning my head against his.
"You shouldn't worry I about me. I've always been okay and I plan on sticking to that pattern." Five said calmly.
"I care about you so I will always worry. I know your a big boy and can take care of yourself but that doesn't mean I can't care about your well being."
"Well I don't like it. You came to me for a safe place not swapped. I have a very dominant personality and I don't appreciate being thought about less than."
"Caring about you doesn't mean your weak. It means you matter to me. I care whether you die or live. I know you like to be dominant and lead. I would lead so much more but I let you."
"You shouldn't. I have to fight for you listening that is how it should be. Don't think I don't notice. A stubborn girl like you doesn't let go that quickly. It bugs me that you think you have to. We are equal until proven otherwise. Don't forget that."
"Trust me I still fight you. I just choose my battles because some things aren't worth it. Although when you do that stupid smirk I can barely hold myself back from fighting back. I'll find something to guilt you with eventually."
"Eventually? You better because you have to put up with my crap for awhile. Because you aren't leaving anyway soon. And I'll have to start smirking more because I can think of other was for you to wipe it off." I blushed and started to retort back before Diego came back holding the file. Then we all packed into the car to go to the boy toy's house.  We all went different ways into the house.  Allison went around back, Diego kicked the unlocked door down, and Five grabbed my arm and jumped in.  Then we split up looking through the house for clues until Allison called us to the attic.  It was like a shrine for the umbrella club except he went from love to hate.  Every bodies face were scratched out and it was really creepy.  All of the sudden Five dropped and I immediately went to him.
     "Five, you idiot!  You should have told me you were bleeding and impaled!  We could have helped you." I said worried.  He murmured some stuff about going on and passed out.  We quickly brought him home to Grace.  I decided to throw my self head on to the case while he was being stitched up.  I went to the nearest computer and I googled everything I could about him.  About his childhood and his murder case.  Before I knew it I had pages of information.  I got up to check on Five just as Grace was finishing.  I walked up and grabbed his hand he was asleep.
     "Hey Five.  I got intel on Boy Toy.  He is seriously messed up.  I think he's headed towards his family's cabin.  When we go get Vanja we should take her meds.  She is probably going to be freaking out and I found an old subscription in the pantry." I said quietly," it's been so weird not having your dark sarcasm.  I mean I barely know you but it feels like I do.  Probably because of the similar pasts.  And I've read your case file.  Also we worked for the same murder time travel agency."
     "Or the fact that we both or stuck in our younger bodies." Five whispered.
     "Five! You are supposed to be asleep trying to heal." I softly exclaimed.
     "Your pretty voice woke me up... you know what I was thinking of while I was asleep?  How crazy some of the things you say are.  Like you had said that when the Commission picked you up you were a loveless orphan.  But I don't get it.  You are drop dead gorgeous at 14.  How did a young man not fall head over heels in love?  I have to hold myself back and I'm in a committed relationship with a mannequin." Five drowsily stated.
     "Hush now.  Your drugged up with pain pills.  If anything look at you.  I fear to touch your jawline or I would bleed.  You also have the list wonderful green eyes.  I could lose myself in them if I wanted to.  But I hit myself with a reality check.  You are a bachelor professor that falls for a brilliant student type." I said in a yawn.
     "Come on.  Get on my non injury side.  I need you." Five said.
      "I'm not going to fight you on this." I said before climbing in. I laid on my stomach with my head in his chest and my hand intertwined with his lain on his chest.
     "When I was alone for so long I always thought of my perfect life.  I would jump home and my family would be back.  Then I would do some cool stuff and help others.  I would met a girl and fall in love and maybe have a couple kids.  But as I grew older I realized that it wasn't going to happen.  But when the Commission got me things changed.  And I began to think maybe I wouldn't be alone when I heard about you.  The way people described you made me feel something in my heart I've never felt before.  I think now is my redo.  I get to save my family and others, I get to become young again and age properly, I get a girl that actually gets it, and I could maybe get to live that life.  The second I turned fifty I thought my dream of kids and wanting to raise them better.  But then I changed back and I realized it's my chance.  I want you to stay here.  I want us to both grow up together.  We are both at the same age and reset, it's perfect.  Please tell me you want to stay.  We can save the world and retire at 14.  Just stay." Five said gently.
     "Where else am I supposed to go?  I though I would be in the commission forever stuck at 14.  I'll gladly stay here.  I've never had a home tell I met you.  We haven't known each other for long so forever isn't a promise, but I think you'll be in my life for awhile.  I want to KNOW you before anything romantic though.  I want don't us to be caught up in almost dying same past emotions.  I want real with you." I said carefully.
     "Anything for you, princess." Five said.  And just for a moment he forgot the world was ending.  He just felt true comfort.
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