Sass part 2 (Five x Reader)

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Part two requests by keef-kogayne and og request by kawaiiWhitetigress
      After around a minute or two me and Five finally separate from our kiss. We were both incredibly breathless from our... activity. Even though we weren't kissing anymore I still had my arms around his neck and hands intertwined in his hair and Five still had his arms my waist.
"Aidan huh? Old ex?" Five said smirking.
"No ex ever actually and I could say Five because then they would have known. I went with the first name that came to mind. It was either Aidan or Nicky." I said rolling my eyes.
"You're telling me no guy has ever swooped in to date you?"
"Nope. Anyway now can you tell my who the heck was that."
"Well I'll tell you on the walk home. It all started seventeen years ago..."
Time skip brought to you by Justin's sassy tweets
     "Welp that's a story.  That also explains why Klaus is addicted to drugs and alcohol." I said calmly.
       "Why didn't you freak out like everyone else?" Five asked confused.
       "Cause I'm not everyone else... just kidding I'm not one of those girls.  Why would I freak out?  We all have a story." I said calmly.
      "Wow.  No one has react this way.  You really are different."
      "Thanks?  How do guys honestly expect girls to respond to being told they are different or not like the others.  It's a weird thing to be told."
      "I don't know.  I'm not exactly the most romantically experienced person."
      "Same honestly.  My experience is not vast. It's actually nothing so join the club."
"What days are the meetings at? I kinda have to save the world so I don't know if I have time."
"I'll give you the receptionist's name and number."
      "Thanks I like to be really personal with the people I work with."
"I mean your personality screams you do. Anyway how are you doing mentally, emotionally, and physically after that. I mean it must have a huge mental tole all of those years alone or killing. Or both honestly. And emotional wise you haven't gotten close or personal interacted with someone in ages. And physically well, you see the issue every time you look in the mirror."
"Oddly you're the only one that seems to care or at least asked me. Mentally I'll survive. Working with the Commission pushed me to adjust. Emotionally it's rough but it's a bit more satisfying to be back after all of these years. And physically I'm going through puberty for the second time so that's cool.  But overall I'm fine and I just want to stop the end of the world."
     "Well that's slightly concerning.  I know I would be incredibly scarred if I ever had to go through that."
       "Don't worry.  I'm here to make sure you never do." Five said as we approached the house door.  Five quietly lead me to Klaus's room where I had to talk to him about drug stuff.
      "Maybe we can rehearse what just happened at the alley again sometime soon."  Five said winking at me as he headed back down stairs.  I suppressed my blush as I turned my attention toward Klaus.  Five will be a big part of my life after this and I'm sure of it.

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