Chapter 2

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~Third person .P.O.V.~

Karlye couldn't believe that a band named Rixton was coming to Denver. When her friends heard about the news, both of them were so excited. Karlye didn't care that much. She didn't even know anything about the band or their names in the first place. Madi kept telling Karlye how awesome Rixton was and Abby kept bragging about their hotness. Karlye didn't even pay that much attention to what they were even talking about. After they were done talking, Hunter walks in.

~Karlye's .P.O.V.~

" Start cleaning, what do I pay you for to just sit around and do nothing!" yelled Hunter while he was walking towards us.

"First of all, you don't pay us and second, we always do our job and we deserve a little break for all the work we are doing to get Denver spot list for Rixton's arrival and you just sit there like a lazy bum and don't even help us and a manager is supposed to help their workers." Madi said right at Hunter's face.

"You girls don't even deserve a break or pay, you guys are slackers! Start doing your job now and by the way, I am helping by YELLING!!! NOW, PICK UP YOUR STUFF and CLEAN!!!" Hunter yelled and started walking away.

"I HATE HIM SO MUCH!" screams Madi over by the tables as she is scrubbing them down one by one.

"ME TOO!" says Abby over by the stage getting it ready for Rixton.

"Karlye, why do you put up with his bullcrap?" Madi says as she is walking over with a bunch of damp,wet towels.

"I have to put up with his bullcrap, because if I don't, he will slap me." I said then I walked off to clean another table.

"Stand up to him!" Abby said looking straight at me.

"I tried it before and it was not easy, it only got worse." I said with full of tears running down my face.

"We are sorry Karlye! We didn't mean to make you cry but, whenever we see Hunter being mean to you, we thought you would fight back and we all see that it is not right for Hunter to treat you like crap!" states Madi and Abby.

"I just wish I've never dated that creep! What is wrong with me!" I said trying to get up from sitting on the hard wooden floor.

Then, Abby and Madi both gave me a hug and it made me feel a little bit better and it helped me realized, that my two best friends cared about me and would do anything to help me from the evilness of Hunter.

After we were done hugging, we took our wet rags and continued our tortured tasks.

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