Chapter 19

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~ Karlye's .P.O.V.~

As I finished singing, the crowd started cheering and clapping for me. I never felt so nervous and proud of myself. For a long time, I haven't singed since I left my singing career to help my dad. I really did miss singing. I looked at my friends and they were cheering really loud. I looked around the room at all the people and I noticed Jake, Danny, Charley, and Lewi! They started clapping for me really loud. I had a big huge smile on my face and I jumped off the stage and ran towards Jake and gave him a hug and the rest of the boys a hug.

"Hi boys! Your here finally! Come up on stage and get ready!"

"Karlye...Karlye!" Jake said in shock.

"Why didn't you tell me that you could sing that well!" Jake said while giving me a hug.

"I don't know? It's actually been a long time since I sang."

"I haven't heard you sing before and you sing really good. You should sing more often love! You should let people here you sing because you have a beautiful singing voice." Jake said and pulled me in for a kiss.

"Come on guys! That's Gross! Stop kissing each other, we know you love each other so very much. Now come on Jake, we have a show to put on for these lovely people." Danny said.

"Says the person who was frixting with Madi in my room." I said to Danny and he started laughing and walked up stage with Charley and Lewi.

"I have to go! Remember to scream my name as loud as you can babe." Jake started laughing and he gave me a hug.

"I will try but I might not like it." I said while laughing in the hug. Jake walked onto the stage. I walked over to Abby and Madi. Madi and Abby decided to give each other's breaks but I decided that I would clean for a little bit until the boys started playing.

~Jake's .P.O.V.~

Hello Butte, Montana! I am Jake, this is Mr. Danny Wilkin at keyboard, Mr. Charley Bagnall on guitar and Mr. Lewi Morgan on drums and We're RIXTON! The crowd started screaming and cheering. I started off singing Ignition, Problem, You Knew I Was Trouble, and Let Me Love You. (Some of their cover songs) As we finished with Let Me Love You, Karlye, Madi, Abby started screaming our names. I stared at her and gave her a wink. We started singing Me and My Broken Heart, then Speakerphone and finishing off with our new song, Wait On Me.

Wait on me

Come a little closer

Wanna be the one to explore

A little trouble never hurt nobody

Oh I wanna feel your body

Wait on me, I know how to love you

And I wanna love you some more, some more, some more

Thank you guys so much for coming to watch us! We are really sorry that we were late. We love you all so much, Good Night and We Are RIXTON! The fans started cheering and screaming really loud again after we were done. We got off stage and walked over to the girls. Danny gave Madi a hug and Lewi gave Abby a hug.

"Hey Abby and Madi, where is Karlye?" I asked.

"She is talking with our manger, Hunter." Abby said and pointed to where Karlye was at. I looked and saw Karlye crying while the manager was yelling at her. I got so mad and I started walking to where she was at.

"Jake where are you going?" Charley asked.

"I am going to teach this person not to hit my girl." I said storming off.

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